Norm Macdonald Passes Away at 61: Heartbroken Tributes Pour in From ‘SNL’ Fans

by Kati Michelle

Sad news for “SNL” fans today as news of Norm Macdonald’s passing travels through the waves of the Internet. The unexpected and sudden death comes after a “long and private battle with cancer” for the 61-year-old star. Deadline confirms the passing of Norm Macdonald via his management firm, Brillstein Entertainment.

As this news spreads, fans and cast members alike are taking to social media to write about their favorite Macdonald memories and share stories of the star’s massive influence on so many lives. So, Outsiders, grab a box of tissues and join us as we band together as a community to grieve this massive loss for the world of comedy.

Twitter Rallies to Remember Norm Macdonald

A slew of other celebrities is jumping on Twitter to post tributes to the late Norm Macdonald. Among them, Timothy Burke was one of the first to share a few touching words about their relationship together:

Joining the conversation, writer Tom Green adds: “Norm Macdonald was hilarious in everything he did, but I will never not lose it watching him as Burt Reynolds/Turd Ferguson on SNL’s Celebrity Jeopardy sketches (which he was also the mastermind of).”

Critic and writer Steven Hyden also adds: “Stunned and saddened by the Norm Macdonald news. His mid-aughts Weekend Updates are still incredible to watch. He’s hilarious and the studio audience is dead silent. Just crickets. Never seen anything like it on TV. It’s like Dylan on his first electric tour. RIP.”

Michael Stets of the Stets Show keeps his tribute straightforward and concise: “Terrible news. Loved Norm Macdonald on SNL. Always enjoyed his work. RIP.”

Film star Adam Cook posted one of the longest tributes to the late comic, breaking down his favorite memories into an entire Twitter thread. The first of three deeply emotional Tweets can be seen here:

Instagram Joins the Tribute Movement

In one of his last Instagram posts, Norm Macdonald makes some comments about his future death, which are now pretty heartbreaking looking back. He jokes with Roseanne Barr about hopefully dying from natural causes before the Rapture. The comment sections of all his posts are now filled with an influx of sad emojis and fans offering up their words of condolences.

One fan, @gautamraman writes: “Rest in piece Norm. I am sure wherever you are, that place got a whole lot funnier.”

If you’d like to post your own tribute in the comments, you can join the conversations here:

Norm Macdonald joins a sky of other “greats” like Patrick Swazye who passed away on this day back in 2009.