Norm Macdonald Remembered by SNL Co-star Adam Sandler after His Death: ‘Love U Pal’

by Jonathan Howard

Comedy icon Norm Macdonald has died at the age of 61. All afternoon, friends have shared messages of remorse and remembrance. Among the masses of tributes, Macdonald’s longtime friend and former SNL peer, Adam Sandler shared his message. The two not only worked together on the legendary skit show, but they also appeared in many films together.

Sandler tweeted his love for his late friend and did so in such a lovely way.

Back when the two first worked together, they were much younger men. In that first film, Billy Madison, the two learned about each other and became friends. Over the years since then, they have done many projects together in varying capacities.

Adam Sandler played Billy Madison, of course, while Norm Macdonald portrayed Frank, a lazy drunk. Throughout the film the two banter and talk back and forth. All the while neither one of them can really get their lives together. We all know Billy finally triumphs and gets through school and Frank keeps being the goofy drunk friend along the way.

It was truly a great role that Norm fit into perfectly. His delayed punchlines and mannerisms made him a great friend and sidekick to Billy Madison throughout the film. He is a bit of an enabler and makes some dumb decisions. However, he is a good friend, one we likely all have in real life.

“Hey wanna feed that donkey some beer, get it all messed up?”

First Time Norm Macdonald Acted with Adam Sandler

So, the first time they acted together was in Billy Madison. While they both became accomplished professionals over the years, the first scene they filmed didn’t go as planned. With Billy floating in the pool, Macdonald hadn’t fully adapted to his role. They told the story on Conan O’Brien in 2016.

According to the story, Sandler delivered the line, and Macdonald sat and seemed to ponder it for a time. It soon became obvious that the comedian had fallen asleep on set! In defense of old Frank, his character is supposed to be a lazy alcoholic.

“They wanted me to play a drunk. And so I said, ‘got some booze?’ Also, he called me Frank and in my mind, I’m thinking, ‘Who the f*** is Frank?” Just a classic Norm Macdonald story. Always laying true to the part, whenever needed.

While he did his fair share of “method acting” on the set of Billy Madison, Norm Macdonald played the role well. Many of the most memorable lines from the movie come from Frank or moments with him and BIlly during the film. The late comedian will be missed deeply by so many. Sandler and the rest of that group of comedians like David Spade are surely hurting at this time.