‘NYPD Blue’ Star Arrested for DUI

by Emily Morgan

Police arrested Bonnie Somerville, a former cast member from “NYPD Blue,” for driving under the influence in Los Angeles over the weekend.

Per TMZ’s reporting, on Sunday night, the local police department received multiple calls around 10 p.m. regarding Mercedes-Benz pulled over on Interstate 405 near Inglewood, Calif.

When police officers arrived on the scene, they reportedly found the 47-year-old veteran actress behind the wheel. She alleged she ran out of gas, but police smelled alcohol on her breath. She later failed a field sobriety test. 

According to the report, Somerville, who played Det. Laura Murphy in the final season of the police procedural was cited for a DUI and later released. Neither the LAPD nor Somerville’s reps have yet to release a comment. 

Recently, Somerville confessed that she suffered from mental health issues following the cancellation of another one of her popular shows, “Code Black,” in 2018. 

During her podcast, “The Second Act,” she revealed that she was upset that the show was getting canned because it marked another project of hers that failed. She added that she wished it had the staying power of “Friends,” in which she played Ross’ love interest, Mona.

Former ‘NYPD Blue’ Castmember Opens up About Mental Health Struggles

“I had just turned 40, and it all hit me hard,” she told The Independent in April. She added, “I got so damn depressed. I didn’t have the career that I thought I was going to have by then.”

She continued: “I think for a lot of people in any career, if they’ve ever struggled with depression or anxiety or any mental health issues when you fall off the setup that you’ve made for yourself – it can really be difficult.”

While it’s been more than 20 years since she appeared in “Friends,” Somerville said it’s still the role people remember her for. 

“I’m still Mona, and now more than ever because of Netflix,” she said. “Children that weren’t born when I was on the show are fans. And they think of you in that way.”

On a brighter note, Somerville won’t have to retire just yet. USA Network recently booked her for its upcoming Nash Bridges revival. The network has confirmed Nash Bridges will return with Don Johnson, Cheech Marin, and Jeff Perry reprising their roles. 

New cast members will include Somerville, Diarra Kilpatrick, Joe Dinicol, Alexia Garcia, Angela Ko, and Paul James. The network has not yet announced a premiere date.