Oasis Frontman Liam Gallagher Gives Look at Gruesome Face Injury After Falling From Helicopter

by Matthew Memrick

There’s a simple answer for why Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher suffered a gruesome face injury this weekend: He fell out of a helicopter.

After all these years of asking for help (check out that “Wonderwall” hit), no one was there next to the helicopter. You know, the chorus part where he sings, “Maybe, you’ll be one to save me.” Ok, bad joke.

Soon performing at the Isle of Wright Festival in England, Gallagher fell out of a helicopter. Pop Culture posted his Twitter photo and it looks like Gallagher gashed his forehead, nose, and the space above his upper lip. The singer wore a bandage over his schnoz. 

The 48-year-old father of four joked about how his facial injury photo would be the next album cover.

Fan Updates

Since the accident, the “Shockwave” singer declined to share the exact details of the injury. Instead, he’s had fun with his fans whenever they asked what happened to him.

“So check this out I fell out (of) the helicopter last night you couldn’t rite it all good who said RnR is dead Keith moon eat your drum skin out C’mon you know LG x,” Gallagher wrote on Twitter, alongside the photo.

Get all that?

Gallagher shared the photo a second time, joking that it would be the “cover shoot” for his next album. “C’mon you nose,” he joked.

If you wanted a straight answer, folks, you’ve found the wrong guy. 

One fan point-blank asked Gallagher, to which he replied, “You tell me.”

Another fan asked to see the fall video, and Gallagher shot back to say it would be in the following music video.

Another exciting detail may or may not have come out with one fan’s statement. The person guessed that Gallagher missed a step and faceplanted “because that’s not very rock n roll he’s not mentioned the height of the fall.

Oh, you know Gallagher would quickly try to clear that up. “100 thousand feet,” Gallagher said with vulgarity.

“Damn, you really are gonna live forever… big love though, hope [for a speedy] recovery,” another fan wrote.

Noel Gallagher Still Making Music

The Oasis lead singer is known for a few classic songs and fights with his older brother Noel Gallagher.

The band split in 2009, and Noel left. Since then, Liam has worked as a solo act and with the band Beady Eye.

In a recent interview with Absolute Radio, Liam Gallagher said he’s been busy with two upcoming albums.

In a recent interview with Absolute Radio, Liam Gallagher said he’s been busy with two upcoming albums. To NME, Gallagher said one was “mad” and the other “more normal” and “a bit more classic.”

When asked further, Liam Gallagher said it’s all about waiting to decide which one will come out first. 

The Gallagher brothers are also executive producers on the upcoming documentary Oasis Knebworth 1996. The film is coming out next week.