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Olivia Culpo is ‘Digging for Gold’ But Finds Something Else in New Stunning Swimsuit Snaps

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit)

Summer on the northeastern coast of the United States is slowly coming to an end as August breezes by. However, we in the Northeast are vicariously living out the rest of our beachy summer dreams through Olivia Culpo’s latest Instagram post. In it, she sports a black one-piece and headband, a white cotton button-down, and the whitest of smiles.

She captions the post, “Digging for gold, found a cocktail.”

Honestly, I think most of us would prefer the cocktail anyway. Check out the fun photos below.

While Culpo has been traveling lately, she’s shared many of her beachy adventures and we couldn’t help but be a little bit envious. Culpo has most recently visited areas across Europe, including Greece, the Cyclades Islands, Capri, and various parts of Italy. Culpo’s recent travels highlight the unique beauty and adventure that comes with European exploration.

Throughout her beach photos, she’s also taken time to spotlight some of her favorite swimsuits as a professional swimsuit model. And based on the likes and comments, followers absolutely can’t get enough. Her most recent post has attracted just about 100,000 likes, and fans shared their thoughts on the fun photo in the comments below the caption.

One person wrote, “Scrolling for random people found this goddess😍.” Another wrote, “Beautiful❤️❤️ kisses from Greece🇬🇷.”

Overall her radiant smile and the tasty-looking cocktail in the photo say it all they need to about her time at the beach.

Olivia Culpo Shares Typical Sisterly Bond Despite Fame

Naturally, we might assume the former Miss Universe takes appearances seriously as she is consistently in the spotlight literally and figuratively. However, it appears she nevertheless shares a rather typical relationship with her two sisters. A previous Instagram post showed the three on vacation somewhere on the Mediterranean and surrounded by beautiful landscapes and architecture.

The beginning of the video shows Culpo and her three sisters uniting, absolutely dazzling in their simple, yet stylish outfits. They hold hands and skip away when the video jumps ahead to the women swimming together.

Apparently, they spent too much time around each other during vacation. In the video, two of the three make attempts at dunking the other beneath the crystal clear waters. After a first successful attempt, Culpo’s sister dunks her beneath the water with her foot. And viewers found it absolutely hilarious.

“Omg the drowning by foot😂😂😂,” one follower commented. Others chimed in with, “Lol that leg at the end😂😂😂.”

While I’m not entirely sure I would make attempts to dunk my own sister by foot, nor would I stand for it myself, it nevertheless looks like the three sisters had an incredible time during their vacation.