Olivia Culpo Lights Instagram on Fire with New Deep-Cut Bikini Photos

by Quentin Blount

By this point, Olivia Culpo has become a staple when it comes to bikini fashion. And on Sunday, the model and social media personality showed us why.

If you follow Olivia Culpo on social media, then you know all about her fashion moments. The former Miss Universe has become one of the top models in the entire world. With each passing day, she inches closer to five million followers on Instagram. She is also the girlfriend of All-Pro Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffery.

But let’s get back to the reason we are here. And that is Olivia Culpo and her daring bikinis. On Sunday, she took to her official Instagram account, as she usually does, to post a series of photos. They come while she is posing on the beach at Calilo — a five-star resort located at Papas Beach in Los, Greece. She is rocking a gorgeous, deep-cut black bikini and a white top. Culpo also seems to be enjoying a tropical drink.

“Los, I love you from my head to moji-toes ❤️😍” Culpo captioned the photo.

Resort That Olivia Culpo is Staying At Looks Like Paradise

We’ve never actually been to the Calilo resort ourselves, but holy smokes — the place looks like pure paradise. According to the resort’s website, Calilo is carved from the area’s native rock. It is also surrounded by 1,000 acres of protected land sitting right on the cerulean sea.

“Calilo is a tranquil retreat, a visionary conservation project — and one family’s vision,” the resort’s website reads. “It is a place like no other because from the architecture to the interior design and the striking artworks and installations it is their creation. A family whose aim is to preserve, protect and nurture this tantalizing land. And to share the dream and the island’s mesmerizing magic.”

The crystal-clear blue waters, the golden sands, the palm trees, tropical drinks, and Olivia Culpo in a bikini? It really doesn’t get much better than that. As if the Calilo resort doesn’t already sound heavenly enough, Olivia Culpo’s playful vibe definitely puts it over the top.

As always, Olivia Culpo had hundreds of adoring fans gushing over her latest photos. In addition to the 70,000-plus likes it has racked up in just a couple of hours, many fans took time out of their day to comment.

“Sexy Mama,” one fan wrote. Similarly, another fan said, “I just can’t handle it!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥”

Culpo is certainly no stranger when it comes to attracting attention with her stunning looks and social media posts. And let’s be honest, the attention is good for both her and for the resort she is staying at. Maybe if we are lucky, we will get a few more jaw-dropping photos from her before she heads back to the states.