Olympic Gymnast Nastia Liukin Drops Stunning Montana Winter Photo Series

by Kayla Zadel

Nastia Liukin is starting her new year off with a little trip to Tulum, and no, we don’t mean Tulum, Mexico. We’re talking about Tulum, Montana.

One might think that the Olympic gymnast might be there to do a little skiing or snowboarding on the mountain, or even get some tubing in. But no, it seems like Liukin decided to do a full-on photo shoot while she was visiting the snowy town.

She starts her glamorous photo dump with a carousel of pics showing off her outfit while standing on a deck. “Back at our little happy place,” she Liukin writes. According to her Instagram posts, it looks like she was just there in Nov. 2020.

She’s wearing a shiny silver puffer jacket, white pants with a grey stripe down the side, and moon boots. Her pup, Harley, even made the trip.

Then we get more braided pigtails but a different outfit from the gymnast turned NBC color analyst turned influencer (we’re taking a guess here from her social media posts).

This photo is captioned with “(mad) happy ❤️,” which is the brand of sweatshirt that Liukin is wearing. She once again shows off a puffer jacket and tight leggings. Furthermore, she dons another pair of moon boots. This time the snowshoes are orange to match her outfit.

The over-sized moon boots accentuate her extremely small figure, making it look like a stiff breeze would just knock her over.

Liukin Contines Montanta Photo Montage

Finally, we see Nastia on the mountain. However, it doesn’t look like she’s actually going to be skiing. Instead, she stands with skis over her shoulder in a pink snowsuit. Very Kardashian-esque we must say.

At least she’s making a nod to her Olympic background in these photos. “if I was an Olympic skier this would be my look, obvi 💕,” she writes.

Moon Boots in Montana for Days

She’s back with more moon boots. This time they’re gold. A pair of these trendy snowshoes run anywhere from $125 to $750. Trust us, we checked since Liukin seems to have her own small collection. However, the brand could be gifting or paying the former gymnast to promote the brand.

As she’s leaving Montana, the fashionista seems to capture this photo with the state sign. “dear montana, me and all of my outfits that somehow happened to fit in one suitcase will miss you dearly,” and we find that hard to believe.

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