Olympics Has Odd Tie-In Video With ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’

by Anna Dunn

If you’ve been watching the Olympics, you may have noticed that it has an odd tie-in video with the upcoming film, Jurassic World: Dominion.

The bizarre clip shows a bunch of Olympic Athletes facing dinosaurs in the wilderness while trying to play their sport. The commercial features snowboarder Shaun White, skier Mikaela Shiffrin, and figure skater Nathan Chen.

It’s all a part of the promotional campaign for the film, which is coming to theatres on June 10th. The video is also, oddly, promoting the Olympics, airing from February 3rd through February 20th. It’s definitely a crossover we didn’t expect.

But hey, at least it looks pretty cool. You may have seen this commercial broken down into smaller clips as well during the primetime showings of the games.

One Athlete Just Won Team USA the Silver at the Winter Olympics

The games have only just begun, but Team USA has started to rake in medals with Snowboarder Julia Marino. She won the silver in women’s slopestyle snowboarding. It’s her first Olympic medal, and she absolutely shredded it out there.

Athletes were really struggling with the course, but Marino kept her cool during her second round (in this event, you get to go three times and use your best score).

“We all kind of put down our best tricks linked together in a slope run, which isn’t easy to do at all. I just think it’s insanely huge for the progression of women’s snowboarding, because we’re just learning day by day what we’re capable of. And we’re capable of a lot,” she told USA Today following the silver medal win.

For a while, it looked like Marino may have pulled out the gold for Team USA, but in one of the final rounds, Zoi Sadowski-Synnott, a snowboarder from New Zealand, pulled out a massive move at the end of her run and wound up winning gold. This made her New Zealand’s first-ever Olympic Champion in the Winter Olympics.

Her win was met with plenty of love and Cheers from Marino, whose friends with the snowboarder. The adorable show of sportsmanship following an intensely competitive competition was truly touching. And both athletes had fantastic things to say about each other. Snowboarding is often like that. Many snowboarders form quite a close community with each other.

And for Sadowski-Synnott, the win, and what it represents, means the absolute world to her.

“I’m super proud of where my snowboarding has come in the last four years and super proud to be Kiwi and show the world what Kiwis are made of. I really hope my performance here will inspire young kids to take up snowboarding,” she said.