On This Day: ‘Dynasty’ Airs Legendary Season 5 ‘Moldavian Wedding’ Cliffhanger in 1985

by Evan Reier

When it came to keeping viewers in suspense, few shows had the pull and drama that Dynasty brought to TV in the 1980s.

The soap opera featured hook after hook, keeping viewers enthralled in the lives of the Carringtons. Created with competing against Dallas, the CBS soap opera that was one of the biggest programs of the era.

Compete they did. We’ll let Dallas and Dynasty fans debate over which show was bigger and better, but there’s no doubt that, in 1985, it was the latter’s time. This was, in part, thanks to the show’s jaw-dropping season five finale, “Royal Wedding.”

The long-lost daughter of main character Alexis, Amanda, was set to marry a Moldavian prince, Michael. As the couple approach the altar, the wedding is devastated by Moldavian terrorists. Seemingly endless amounts of bullets spray across the church, with the camera showing several angles of the cast bleeding from their wounds.

Want a flashback? You can watch it below.

The finale pushed Dynasty to become the No. 1 show in the ratings, clocking a 25.0, and 25.9 million people tuned in.

However, the cliffhanger is only as famous as the revelations in the following season. While it seems impossible that much of the cast came away alive, that is in fact how it shook out. The only two casualties were Steven Carrington’s boyfriend, Luke and the love interest of Jeff.

All the same, it made for one of the most iconic moments in television history.

Only One Actor Appeared in Every Episode of Dynasty

With nine seasons, 220 episodes and an insane amount of plotlines, characters and developments, its understandable that not everyone in the cast made it to the end. In fact, pretty much none of the Dynasty cast did.

That exception is, of course, John Forsythe. The man behind oil tycoon Blake Carrington was one of the most recognizable names in television in the 1980s. And while the cast around him came and went, he went all the way from 1981 to 1989, appearing in all 220 episodes.

That being said, he wasn’t the only cast member to appear in every season. Linda Evans as Krystle and Joan Collins as Alexis totaled 212 and 205 episodes apiece respectively.