On This Day: Jim Morrison Dies at Only 27-Years-Old in 1971

by Madison Miller

“No one here gets out alive.” It was the far-too-real and dark words of Jim Morrison, also known as The Lizard King. He was the exceptionally talented singer and songwriter for the iconic rock band, the Doors.

The group reached its peak popularity in the 1960s. At the time, the band released irreplaceable musical gems like “Light My Fire,” “Hello, I Love You,” “Touch Me,” and “Riders on the Storm.” In the midst of their popularity, Jim Morrison decided to leave the band.

In 1971, he moved to Paris where he was planning on writing poetry and living outside of the craziness of the rock ‘n’ roll world. Sadly, he passed away on June 3, 1971, from what is presumably heart failure.

The iconic rocker had quite a rebellious status. He had issues with both alcoholism and drug addiction, which led to extreme outbursts during performances. According to Biography.com, his violent temper and addictions led to his downfall from music and, ultimately, life.

On December 9, 1967, a performance went incredibly wrong. At the time, he was high and drunk while waiting backstage to start performing with the band. He was getting intimate with a young woman backstage, so a police officer stepped in and sprayed him with mace. When he went onstage, instead of a lively performance with poetic Doors lyrics, Morrison went on a profanity-laced tirade. He was arrested on the stage, leading to many riots in the area.

The year before his death, Morrison was also arrested for exposing himself at a Florida concert.

Jim Morrison’s Sudden Death

Morrison was going off to Paris and leaving the band to really get a better grasp on his life and his livelihood, as he also struggled with depression. He never really got the chance to do that. His death has continued to have controversy and conspiracy circulating around it.

French officials found him and then claimed there was no foul play present. There was no autopsy, which has given fuel to plenty of skeptics over the years. He was only 27 when he died suddenly. Some people believe his death was all a conspiracy due to the timing, suddenness, and other contributing factors.

He had a massive impact on music, specifically songwriting, and millions still feel fascination over his whirlwind career.

Although it can be hard to imagine yourself as a rock star one day, Morrison was destined for the stage. At one time, he thought he would be a sociologist or a writer.

“I think I had a suppressed desire to do something like this ever since I heard … y’see, the birth of rock and roll coincided with my adolescence, my coming into awareness. It was a real turn-on, although at the time I could never allow myself to rationally fantasize about ever doing it myself. I guess all that time I was unconsciously accumulating inclination and listening. So when it finally happened, my subconscious had prepared the whole thing,” Morrison said during an interview with Rolling Stone from 1969.