On This Day: ‘Predator’ Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger Premiers in Theaters in 1987

by Evan Reier

34 years ago today, Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in one of the most iconic films of the 1980s, Predator. Even in 2021, the film is still a classic.

The premise is ingenious and fantastical, the two qualities needed for an all-time sci-fi movie. Schwarzenegger stars as Major “Dutch” Schaefer, who leads a team into a rainforest to rescue a politician in Central America.

But, of course, this is where the titular “Predator” comes in. The alien creature is outfitted with weapons, cloaking and all types of gear to hunt down his prey. Which, in the premise of the movie franchise’s first film, happens to be the team portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers and others.

As was the case with similar films of the time, the 107-minute feature saw much of the primary cast be killed by the antagonist. Of course, the film eventually comes down to a duel between Dutch and the Predator, but we won’t spoil the ending.

It was a box office smash, making $98.3 million on a budget that was somewhere between $15 and 18 million. The film wasn’t loved by many movie critics, but the broader audience couldn’t get enough.

This eventually led to an initial sequel in 1990, but several other spin-offs and indirect sequels have been made since the turn of the millenia. Arnold Schwarzenegger never appeared in any others than the original.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Appearing in First-Ever Scripted Series

Anyone who knows Arnold Schwarzenegger knows that he’s known for his blockbuster action films. Predator, Terminator, Commando, the list goes on. What some may not know is that he has yet to star in a scripted TV series.

That’s set to change with a recent announcement from Netflix. The longtime star is tackling a new challenge with an untitled “spy series” for the streaming service, as Outsider’s Keeli Parkey wrote.

The project is still in its early stages. The only info currently nailed down is that there will be a total of eight episodes, and each episode is about an hour long. There’s not even a title.

So while there’s not a ton of info, the selling point is already there: Arnold Schwarzenegger is in it. Even at 73, the former governor of California is still working, and is still a draw.

Schwarzenegger is also set to be an executive producer for the series.