On This Day: The Eagles’ Self-Titled Debut Album Becomes Certified Gold in 1974

by Matthew Wilson

Let those peaceful feelings and good vibes flow with this throwback to rock band The Eagles‘ very first album. Their debut was a simple, self-titled “Eagles.” Released in 1972, the band proved off the bat they were different from other bands of the era. While they may have broken up for a spell, the Eagles have never really left since, at least in people’s playlists.

It would take another two years for their debut album to go certified gold. On this day in 1974, the band got their first taste of the success that would follow their careers.

Rather than saving the best for last, the album featured some of the band’s classics. Songs like “Take It Easy,” “Peaceful Easy Feeling,” and “Witchy Woman” enchanted audiences. “Take It Easy,” in particular, stands as one of the band’s signature songs. It also proved to be the key to their reunion when a Travis Tritt cover brought them back together.

The Eagles Takes Flight

The band formed in 1971, composed of Glen Frey, Don Henley, Bernie Leadon, and Randy Meisner. After signing a record deal, they went to Aspen, Colorado to work with producer Glyn Johns on their sound. Johns helped craft the band’s early voice and signature sound that would take them to early success. He combined what he saw as country rock with high flying vocals to form something unique.

“There it was, the sound. Extraordinary blend of voices, wonderful harmony sound, just stunning,” Glyn Johns once said.

To record their debut album, the band convened in London, recording at Olympic Studios. For production, the album cost $125,000. But it proved to be a hit for both the label and also for the band. The Eagles followed up the success from their debut with 1973’s “Desperado” album. That album featured themes based upon both both Old West and cowboys. The band once again partnered with Johns on the album.

But for their third album, they broke away from John to pursue a harder rock sound. Since their initial debut, the band has produced seven albums, two live albums, and 10 compilation albums.