On This Day: ‘The Sandlot’ Hits Theaters in 1993

by Madison Miller

“You’re killing me, Smalls!”

On April 7, 1993, movie audiences first witnessed one of the most iconic baseball films ever released. “The Sandlot” reached crowds of excited moviegoers in the ’90s. It continues to be popular today and is considered a “cult film.” It continues to be a popular choice within the coming-of-age and adventure genres.

It isn’t uncommon to see Patrick Renna’s face as Hamilton “Ham” Porter on t-shirts alongside his famous one-liner from the show.

The movie stars Tom Guiry, Mike Vitar, Patrick Renna, Chauncery Leopardi, James Earl Jones, and Marty York.

A Look into ‘The Sandlot’

The film grossed over $34 million when it first hit theaters. David Mickey Evans directed, co-written, and narrated the comedy film. For those who have never seen the ’90s classic, it is about a group of teenagers that get together every day to play baseball in a small sandlot. The movie takes place in the ’60s.

Scott Smalls, who is literally quite small and lacks hand-eye-coordination, just moved to the L.A. suburbs. He tries to join the sandlot friends but is initially turned down for his extreme inability to do anything baseball-related. The star member of the group, Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez allows him to join.

The movie focuses on the hilarious interactions of the boys as they play the game (“It’s about time, Benny. My clothes are going out of style!”).

From battling the English Mastiff named “the Beast” to mouth-to-mouth action at the community pool to mayhem over a Babe Ruth ball, there isn’t a slow moment in the movie. The movie ends with a look into where each of the boys ended up. Benny ended up playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers and Smalls became a sports commentator.

There is also a sequel, “The Sandlot 2,” made in 2005. James Earl Jones is the only returning cast member. “The Sandlot: Heading Home” came out in 2007 and starred the late Luke Perry.

TV Reboot of Classic Film

Besides past film reboots, “The Sandlot” will now turn into a TV series three decades after it first hit a home run in theaters. That alone shows the impact of the classic film.

According to Entertainment Weekly, there are plans with Disney+ to create a TV reboot.

“We all met on it, and all the guys are interested in it. The concept is we’re grown up and we have our own kids. And so it’s, there’s some cool angles to it … the TV show would take place in the late 80s, which talk about an amazing era to do a TV show. I mean, you got Stranger Things and all these little fun 80s throwback TV shows and things like that. So I think that would just be a blast for Ham Porter to don his most fashionable 80s garb,” Patrick Renna said.

David Mickey Evans also confirmed the news on “The Rain Delay” podcast.

Until then, the cast has also reunited virtually for Renna’s YouTube channel, “You’re Killing Me with Patrick Renna.” He has been joined with the original boys of the film, now grown of course, as well as the director and even some professional MLB players.

There was also a press tour in 2018 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the movie. There is a prequel film in the works.

This news proves that the “legends never die,” as far as “The Sandlot” is concerned. It also shows just how big remakes are right now in Hollywood.