‘One Chicago’: Here’s What Happened to the Franchise’s Most Memorable Couples

by Lauren Boisvert

Love is all around in the “One Chicago” franchise, and this being the day after Valentine’s Day, it’s only right that we take a look at the who’s who of “One Chicago” couples.

First up, everyone’s favorite from “Chicago Fire,” Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey. The two finally got together at the end of season 9, and Casey asked Brett to move with him to Oregon. But, her life was in Chicago, and she couldn’t go. Now, the two are in a long distance relationship, and apparently Brett has been traveling to see him off-screen. With Jesse Spencer gone from “One Chicago,” it’ll be hard to keep that relationship going believably. Some fans just was to cut the cord already, but the two are still together. For now, anyway.

Next, Hailey Upton and Jay Halstead from “Chicago PD.” The two started out as partners, but are now partners. They got married in season 9 after 3 proposals and a big decision to make. Their engagement came when Halstead had to figure out how to get Upton and Voight out of the Roy Walton situation with the FBI. Safe to say, things turned out all right; Upton and Halstead got married by themselves in a small courthouse ceremony, and it was very them.

Another “Chicago PD” fan favorite, Adam Ruzek and Kim Burgess are on the rocky road to love, hopefully. They’ve been off and on so many times, it’s hard to know where they stand. Right now, Ruzek is living with Burges and helping take care of Makayla. Burgess wants boundaries between them all, in case Ruzek decides to leave, but fails to mention that she could do the same thing. It’s possible that her dating someone else just didn’t cross her mind. Ruzek is determined not to leave her, though; the two remain firmly in a weird friend-zone.

‘One Chicago’ Couples We All Love

Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide from “Chicago Fire” have also had a rough go of love recently. Stella left Severide to promote her Girls On Fire program around the country, and didn’t call him for months. Then, she just shows up in his apartment, and the two have a long talk about communication. Now, the engagement is still on, and things seem well for them. Severide even formally proposed at the Gala. Things are looking up for Stella and Severide; hopefully it stays that way.

From “Chicago Med,” April Sexton and Ethan Choi were a favorite item; the two had an instant connection, and started dating in season 2. They eventually got engaged, but after a series of dramatic ups and downs, decided to be friends instead. April left in season 6 to pursue a nurse practitioner program, and Ethan is still on the show. Though, he’s been having a tough time on his own; he was recently shot, and missed most of the subsequent season.

These aren’t the only relationships in the “One Chicago” franchise, but they’re certainly the most popular. There’s so much romance on the series, it’s a wonder they have any time for life saving.