‘One Chicago’: How Did the Dick Wolf Franchise Do in Return From Break?

by Shelby Scott

After spending a month on hiatus (again), “One Chicago” returned to NBC Wednesday night, much to our excitement. This Outsider in particular was totally enthralled with the latest episodes. However, let’s take a look at how our favorite first responders and emergency personnel performed in ratings.

“Chicago Fire” typically boasts the highest scores of Dick Wolf’s popular franchise. This week though, the franchise’s flagship show dipped slightly in ratings. “Chicago Fire” fell beneath the scores of its sister show, “Chicago Med.”

According to stats provided by CinemaBlend, “Chicago Med” led the night in ratings for the franchise. The medical drama pulled a demo score of 0.8 and attracting an audience numbering 7.1 million.

Airing an hour later at 9 p.m. EST, “Chicago Fire” saw the next highest scores for the Dick Wolf franchise. The first responder show ranked 0.7 in demo ratings, with a viewership total of 6.8 million. Meanwhile, “Chicago PD,” saw slightly lower, though still impressive, numbers during the Wednesday night debut.

Airing during the 10 o’clock timeslot, “Chicago PD” saw a 0.7 demo rating. Meanwhile, it attracted a total of 6 million viewers.

Here’s the ‘One Chicago’ Star That Appeared in the Most Crossovers

The series’ fast-paced storylines and dynamic characters frequently contribute to the franchise’s ongoing success. However, what makes the three series even more interesting is its affinity for character crossovers. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen a major crossover for several seasons (thanks, COVID-19). That said, though, some of our favorite cast members have appeared in more than one of the hit shows.

And of those cast members, can you guess which star has crossed the “One Chicago” universe the most?

Surprisingly, that’s “PD” alum Jon Seda, previously known for his role as Detective Antonio Dawson.

Although Dawson left the franchise several seasons ago, he frequently appeared across much of the universe as one of the most talented and dedicated detectives within “Chicago PD’s” investigative unit.

Jon Seda Starred in All Four Series

And while his home base remained within the confines of “Chicago PD,” Seda made a jaw-dropping 60 crossovers within Dick Wolf’s universe. And when you consider each of the series’ seasons typically run for 20 or so episodes, that’s three seasons’ worth of crossovers.

Most of the actor’s crossovers took place on “Fire,” where Detective Dawson visited his sister Gabby Dawson frequently. “Chicago Fire” fans will recall Dawson for her six seasons spent on Ambulance 61, serving first beside Leslie Shay and then with current Ambo 61 paramedic, Sylvie Brett. In total, “Chicago Fire” fans ran into the “Chicago PD” star 47 times.

Dawson also appeared on the since-canceled series, “Chicago Justice,” 13 times. Dawson’s crossover to the failed series is significant as the legal-based spin-off aired just 13 times overall.

Other stars have made the jump before as well. Jon Seda’s total appearances across the franchise see succession from fellow “Chicago PD” actor, Jesse Lee Soffer who plays Jay Halstead. Halstead has made a total of 47 crossovers during his time within the investigative unit.