One ‘Chicago PD’ Star Appeared on All Four Series in the Franchise

by Joe Rutland

Over the years, stars of Chicago PD have made appearances on other shows in the One Chicago franchise. Which one has been on all four shows?

This might surprise some people but the answer is Marina Squerciati. She plays Officer Kim Burgess on Chicago PD. Let us get some more information about this aspect of her career with an assist from Looper.

Back in 2014, she was drawn into Dick Wolf’s TV empire. Squerciati appeared for the first time as Burgess on a Chicago Fire episode titled Tonight’s the Night.

‘Chicago PD’ Star Has Definitely Found Her Spot As Part of Regular Cast

But PD was spun off from Fire. That’s when Squerciati joined the Chicago PD team in the show’s premiere.

She would go on to become a fan favorite along with the show’s other longtime characters. Burgess has also been on Chicago Med and a short-lived series titled Chicago Justice.

In fact, the actress has been on Chicago PD for nine seasons. Burgess is part of the Intelligence Unit. The first episode for this series was titled Stepping Stone in 2014.

Actress Really Has No Time To Add Other Projects In While On Series

A lot of actors would like to do outside projects beyond the TV series. That does include Squerciati, too. But she has found that to be a bit impossible.

Why cannot she be doing something else? Well, she has a reason for it. She did talk about it in an interview with Hello Magazine in September 2021.

So, the Chicago PD actress discussed the issues when it comes to finding roles with a short timeline. Everyone does work hard on the show and finding those types of roles is tiring, too.

“I love theater and I was an apprentice at a festival called Williamstown,” Squerciati said. “So when I started PD I had it all planned that I’d get a lead in the hiatus.

“But it’s impossible,” she said. “My whole cast is so amazing and we give so much that we’re exhausted, and at the end, we need a break. Plus, it’s hard to find a project that fits that six- to [the] seven-week window!”

There are so many demands on these actors and actresses. Such a show carries great weight when it comes to acting and studying scripts week-in and week-out. As far as what the Chicago PD cast typically does when they have time off between seasons, it seems they like to connect with family and relax.

“We all recharge in different ways,” Squerciati said. “Vacation with family, and eat junk food and don’t go to the gym! That’s how I do it.” Keep your TVs set on NBC to see this show on Wednesday nights.