One ‘Chicago PD’ Star Once Appeared as a Spy on a Hit Drama

by Joe Rutland

If you track the history of the Chicago PD stars, then you know that a lot of them did work before the show. One even played a spy.

So, which one of the show’s great cast members did this? Marina Squerciati, who plays Officer Kim Burgess on the NBC police procedural drama. We get some information about where she played a spy with support from Looper.

Squerciati played a spy in the FX Cold War-based drama The Americans. But this came on the heels of having a recurring role on Gossip Girl.

The Chicago PD star was cast as publicist Alessandra Steele on that CW drama. The show was about teens in New York City trying to live lives under the glare of a blogger. That person detailed their shenanigans.

These days, though, she’s hanging out with other actors as part of the One Chicago franchise. Squerciati has been through the wringer as Burgess. Keep your eyes open and see what happens in the rest of this season’s new episodes. Yes, we said new episodes. Now that the Winter Olympics are done, NBC is returning to their regular primetime schedule. We are pretty sure that avid fans of Chicago PD are glad this is happening.

‘Chicago PD’ Actress Reveals That She Does Have A Type of Ritual For Role

If you did not know, then let’s fill you in on this point. Squerciati has been an actress since she was a kid. Heck, she’s even shared screen time with Home Alone actor Macaulay Culkin in a movie version of The Nutcracker.

So, she has had a lot of practice when it comes to different roles. A while back, she was talking with Hello! magazine. Interestingly, Squerciati was asked this question: “Do you have a ritual to get back into the headspace of Kim?”

She does indeed! Let’s see what she said about getting into gear for playing Officer Kim Burgess. Squerciati said, “[Kim] is a second skin now and I know her so well that I can slip right back in.”

How does she do this? It all revolves around the scene and situation where Squerciati adjusts herself for the show.

For example, she talked about something that happened in this season’s second episode. “I had to do a really cool undercover scene…and it was unlike anything I’ve ever done, and that took some muscle,” Squerciati said. She’s been going through it, too, after Roy Walton’s murder at the finale of Season 8.

Burgess had no clue that the man who nearly killed her was dead. We still find her struggling with PTSD. So, you will have to dial up the show and see how she is doing through this season and beyond.