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‘One Chicago’ Returns in a Big Way Ratings-Wise

by Shelby Scott
'One Chicago' Returns in a Big Way Ratings-Wise
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

After spending a month on a temporary hiatus, Dick Wolf’s “One Chicago” family of series returned to NBC Wednesday night. And with its return, fans were privy to some pretty dynamic scenes, events, and rescues. In return, the franchise saw major success with its ratings. “One Chicago” scored the highest in both demo and viewership ratings within their respective time slots.

According to Deadline, “Chicago Med” saw the highest ratings of the night. In the 18-49 demographic, the medical drama saw an impressive 0.8, while scoring a mass total of 6.94 million viewers. The latest ratings remain consistent with the “One Chicago” series’ last new episode which debuted in late January.

Next in the line-up, “Chicago Fire” saw the highest ratings, its score dropping a bit beneath those of “Chicago Med.”

As per the outlet, “Chicago Fire” received a positive demo rating of 0.7. Meanwhile, it attracted an impressive audience totaling 6.75 million viewers.

And, last but definitely not least (especially considering Hailey Upton’s gutwrenching save), “Chicago PD” topped the 10 o’clock hour. Pulling ahead of “Chicago PD” alum Sophia Bush’s series “Good Sam,” the procedural crime show boasted a demo rating of 0.7. The “One Chicago” series amassed an audience size of 5.75 million.

Considering its immediate return to power following the Winter Olympics, the remainder of this season will surely see continual success.

“One Chicago” fans can tune back into NBC next Wednesday night starting at 8 p.m. with “Chicago Med.”

‘One Chicago’ May Soon Be Leaving Hulu

For those of you Outsiders dependent on Hulu to catch up on the latest episodes of “One Chicago”, you may want to consider thinking about an alternative streaming platform. NBCUniversal has announced plans to potentially move the franchise off of Hulu and over to its own streaming platform, Peacock.

Both platforms are easy enough to access and relatively affordable. However, the switch could cause an inconvenience for fans who have been streaming the series on Hulu for years.

As each new season has debuted, Outsiders could count on Hulu to upload the latest episodes to the platform, just a day behind the episode’s cable debut.

The goal of the potential move away from Hulu would be so that the network could draw greater attention to Peacock.

As we can see from Wednesday night’s ratings, the franchise sees major success for NBC so shifting the sister series to its own platform would definitely draw viewership back to NBC’s own streaming platform.

While Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video seem to dominate the streaming realm, NBCUniversal‘s transition of the “One Chicago” franchise to Peacock would help the platform rank higher among some of the most popular on the market.