‘One Chicago’ Shows Drop New Cast Photos That Could Shed Light on Next Season for Each Series

by Taylor Cunningham

The premiere of the One Chicago is almost here! On September 22nd, we’ll finally learn the fate of some of our favorite characters on Chicago P.D., Chicago Fire, and Chicago Med. And today, NBC dropped promotional photos for each show’s upcoming season. Could they give us early clues about who will be back in the city this month?

We already know that Dr. Natalie Manning is not coming back for season 7 of Chicago Med. After Manning stole drugs from the clinic, Halstead took the fall for her. He was fired, and Manning ultimately confessed. Fessing up go her fired, too. We don’t know if she managed to get Will his job back. But NBC clarified that Manning’s Torrey DeVitto is pursuing new projects.

But what about squad 3 from Fire? Last we saw, the team was trapped underwater. And Lieutenant Kelly Severide and Joe Cruz were with them. Also, Chief Wallace Boden was offered a big promotion that would take him away from the series. Then on P.D., Kim Burgess was shot while on pursuit. Halstead and Atwater rushed her to Chicago Med, but the show ended with her life in the balance. 

However, all of the characters in question are in the promotional pics. Does that mean they’ll continue with the One Chicago? The teasers do give us some hope. But of course, the shows are famous for crazy plot twists, so we can’t be too sure.

‘One Chicago Trailer’ Teases Big Drama Ahead for Fire, Med, and P.D.

The season finales of the One Chicago franchise ended on some huge cliffhangers. And by the looks of a new franchise trailer, it looks like the new seasons aren’t gonna let up on the drama.

The teaser may answer some unresolved questions.

Chief Wallace Boden begins the tailer with a somber speech. “I have never been prouder of this group,” he says to his crew. “It’s because of who you are. We will always be a family.” Boden’s sad words follow a season finale where Squad 3 was trapped underwater. Is he speaking to his crew after they learn that some of their fellow firefighters did not survive?

Then the trailer cuts to Sharon Goodwin of Med. She’s standing outside the hospital having an emotional conversation with Will Halstead. When Med closed this past spring, Will had been fired after he covered for Dr. Manning when she stole drugs. “You’ve got a fire in you,” she says to him. “And I need that fire.” Does she let him come back after Dr. Manning confessed? If she “needs” him, we can only assume so. 

And on P.D., Officer Ruzek sits by Kim Burgesses hospital bed. She appears to be recovering from the gunshot wound that nearly took her life on the finale. He’s sharing the scene with Hank Voight, who says, “The only thing that matters is saving her life.”