‘One Chicago’ Shows May Soon Be Leaving Hulu: Here’s Why

by Shelby Scott

For Outsiders with Hulu, be prepared to lose access to your favorite “One Chicago” series soon. NBCUniversal has potential plans to move “Chicago Fire” and its sister shows over to its own Peacock streaming platform.

The shift would create a major inconvenience for “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago PD,” and “Chicago Med” fans. For years, the three shows have been airing on the same streaming platform. And while we’re sure network representatives have no intention of removing “One Chicago” from its cable network, the streaming platform’s possession of “One Chicago” provided Outsiders a chance to catch up with missed episodes the following day.

News of the network’s decision regarding the series’ transition to Peacock came exclusively from The Wall Street Journal.

NBCUniversal‘s goal, should the transition actually take place, would be to draw greater attention to Peacock. Fansided reports on the company’s endeavors to gain greater popularity among favorite streaming networks. Several include, obviously, Hulu, in addition to other favorites like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Fortunately, the outlet reported fans have little reason to worry when it comes to the series’ current seasons. More likely, Fansided states the series would see removal from Hulu sometime this fall, with new seasons debuting in September. After all, it’s in the early fall that our favorite series kick-off all-new seasons.

So, as “Chicago Fire” and its sister shows have new episodes scheduled into late spring over on NBC, it’s unlikely the network would remove the shows from Hulu right away.

New Episode of ‘Chicago Fire’ Sees Return of Detested Character

After several weeks on hiatus, “Chicago Fire” finally returns to NBC with a brand new episode on Wednesday, February 23rd. Kicking off during its usual time slot at 9 p.m. EST, the show plans to introduce a generous handful of all-new plots and subplots.

However, at the forefront of the upcoming storylines, “One Chicago” fans will see the return of one controversial character.

Arson investigator Wendy Seager has already made multiple appearances throughout season 10, never shy in her eagerness to work with Lieutenant Kelly Severide nor in sharing her obvious feelings for him. And after Severide’s fiancé Stella Kidd returned from her work on the East Coast, Seager’s adoration for the Squad 3 lieutenant created further tension in the couple’s relationship.

Fortunately, the two firefighters seemed to work things out, Severide finally proposing to Stella with a beautiful diamond ring during the last new episode. However, “One Chicago” fans will likely be frustrated to know Seager makes another appearance in the upcoming “Chicago Fire” episode.

As per the episode’s synopsis, “Severide and Seager team up to investigate a fire at the home of a troubled young woman.”

Meanwhile, we learn that Kidd will again become involved with Girls on Fire, with her assistant, Kylie, to help.

For all the latest “One Chicago” drama, be sure to tune in here Outsiders.