‘One Chicago’: Taking a Look at the Show’s Evolving Cast

by Amanda Glover

In each of the “One Chicago” dramas, the cast constantly changes over time. The disappointing truth is that fans can never get too comfortable seeing their characters every week.

It’s been quite a season for characters in each “One Chicago” drama. From departures of longtime characters to the arrivals of new ones, the franchise never failed to have surprises up their sleeves. Thanks to Fansided, we can take a look back at the franchise’s changing cast.

Recently, “Chicago Med” dealt with many changes to the cast. Fans of “Chicago Fire” witnessed a heartbreaking departure. As many fans know, one of the main characters took a step back from the series at the beginning of the season. However, this brings a new opportunity for fresh-faced firefighters. Lovers of “Chicago PD” might’ve noticed how little they’ve heard the name of their favorite crime drama. Don’t worry though, Outsiders. It takes more than some upcoming secrets to stop the cast from surprising us.

Although fans of the franchise are likely used to certain casting changes, it would help to know what’s about to come their way. So, let’s take a look at what we know about the upcoming cast of “Chicago Fire.”

After Season 9 of the hit action drama left fans with few answers as to the character’s fates, many consider the possible upcoming changes to the cast. But thankfully, everyone survived.

‘Chicago Fire:’ Who’s Set to Join the Cast?

Jesse Spencer, who played Matthew Casey in “Chicago Fire” left the series after the 200th episode. However, the show’s creators aren’t permanently closing the door for the handsome firefighter’s possible return.

With the departure of Captain Matthew Casey and paramedic Gianna Mackey (Adriyan Rae), fans are curious as to who will be joining the show.

In case you didn’t know, Hanako Greensmith was been promoted to series regular in Season 10. But the season also introduced Jimmy Nicholas and Brett Dalton as recurring characters. Fans also welcomed Cameron Scott and Jack Conley to the show.

In the most recent news, on February 15, fans found out that Caitlin Carver joined the Season 10 cast of “Chicago Fire” for a recurring role.

Well, there you go, Outsiders! We hope you’re as excited as we are to see where the “One Chicago” franchise takes us next.

Fans Might No Longer See ‘One Chicago’ Cast Members on Hulu

Even though “One Chicago” fans can catch the franchise on NBC, they must prepare for the loss of the series on Hulu. Why? Because NBC Universal plans to move every show on the franchise to Peacock.

Does this sound a bit inconvenient to you guys, Outsiders? Maybe. But it would give Peacock some more attention. According to Fansided, NBC Universal hopes to gain more popularity among popular streaming networks. These include Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

Sorry fans. But for the time being, you can catch your favorite old and new “One Chicago” cast members on Hulu until Fall rolls around.