‘One Chicago’ Trailer Teases Battles and Drama for Fire, Med and P.D.

by Shelby Scott

The season finales for the One Chicago franchise, including “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago PD,” and “Chicago Med,” wrapped up on some pretty dramatic notes last May. Now as the new seasons’ premieres draw nearer, NBC has finally given fans a small peek into the shows’ premiere episodes with an epic trailer.

And for those of us familiar with the drive and passion demonstrated among all of these stories, the trailer itself is absolutely thrilling, with a genuine promise for more battles and drama soon to come.

‘NBC’ Trailer Highlights Iconic Scenes and Characters

The trailer opens with the iconic, baritone voice of Chief Wallace Boden exuding from Firehouse 51. “I have never been prouder of this group,” the chief states, which frequently signifies major accomplishments among heavy loss. TVInsider proposes that based on the character’s tone, there’s a chance one or more of the firehouse’s squad members don’t survive the ordeal they saw themselves in during the season 9 finale. Regardless, a snippet from a full firehouse gathering leaves “Chicago Fire” fans some hope that all turns out well.

“We will always be a family,” Boden concludes as the trailer transitions to scenes from the new season of “Chicago Med.” The transition is slightly ironic during a clip filled with so much drama and suspension as the frames move from a “Chicago Fire” feature to “Chicago Med’s” Sharon Goodwin emphasizing, “You’ve got a fire in you. And I need that fire.” The Med feature closes on a rather serious Dr. Will Halstead.

And finally, the “One Chicago” trailer moves on to the suspense awaiting us in the “Chicago PD” Season 9 premiere. It clearly appears Burgess’s ordeal from the end of season 8 will see a major continuance in the premiere episode. Sergeant Hank Voight tells someone, “The only thing that matters is saving her life,” and we can only assume he’s referencing the downed officer.

“We always look out for each other,” Boden concludes at the trailer’s end.

‘One Chicago’ Favorites Feature in an Epic Seasons’ Premiere Poster

NBC has a way of spotlighting one of the network’s favorite franchises, most recently demonstrated in the hit shows’ trailer. However recently, the network also shared a celebratory poster announcing the franchise’s upcoming season premieres. And if we’re any judge, the poster is almost as striking as the trailer itself.

As expected, the large group of cast members, who frequently feature on each others’ shows, lie in neat sections across the poster. The “Chicago Fire” cast spotlights in the center as the show spearheaded the NBC franchise. To either side of the crew lie the casts of both “Chicago Med” on the left and “Chicago PD” to the right.

Each of the three sects features each show’s leading faces at the forefront. However, rather than the all-powerful Chief Wallace Boden, Firehouse 51 fronts Captain Matthew Casey. Does this mean we can expect some major positional changes throughout the newest season of “Chicago Fire”? I suppose all we can do is wait.

NBC promises its new premieres on NBC, Wednesday, September 22nd, opening with “Chicago Med” and closing with “Chicago PD.”