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One ‘NCIS’ Fan Has a Hail Mary Wish for Season 19 Finale

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

This season of NCIS continues, but fans are already thinking about the Season 19 finale. What could happen in the finale to surprise viewers? Well, one user on Reddit has an idea of what they would like to see.

This is a long-shot theory, but fans would be so excited to see it happen. It’s basically a hail mary pitch, and I’m not sure this one is going to find itself in the endzone. There are two characters that viewers would love to see come back to the show. While one is obvious, the other makes so much sense.

“Long shot,” u/RayKVega started the post. “But I’m kinda hopeful for [an] S19 finale where [Eleanor] Bishop and Gibbs [make an] appearance in [an] episode where NCIS is involved in a serious situation with Bishop and Gibbs somehow learned about all of this and comes back to DC or something like that.”

Emily Wickersham left the show earlier this year and while it would be great to see her back, that is not likely. As far as Mark Harmon is concerned, that is a possibility. He is still an executive producer on the show and has a hand in the making of the whole thing. Viewers would love to see the former Special Agent in charge make a return. Perhaps the show is still letting Gary Cole and his character breathe a bit. Let the audience get used to the change for a bit longer.

If Gibbs makes a return, then that likely means things are getting serious. He isn’t going to come back for a social call, at least, that doesn’t sound like something that would happen. Gibbs is off trying to figure things out for himself and the team needs to come together under their new leadership.

‘NCIS’ Agent Headed for ‘Dark Times’

Things are looking quite dark for one NCIS star. There appear to be some “dark times” ahead for Torres, played by Wilmer Valderrama. Torres is newer to the team and fans have had a bit of an adjustment to make. His personality can be offputting to some, but in the next episode, it appears he is in danger.

There isn’t much known about the episode, but a teaser from Valderrama shows his character covered in blood. He has a cut on his nose, and he doesn’t look great. Now, this could mean anything. Torres could have gone in and saved someone, or perhaps he is caught up in trouble.

Either way, NCIS is bringing a new episode this Monday. Just have to get through the weekend and then Monday night will be here, the one thing that saves most Mondays. Get ready for dark times for at least one character.