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One Scene From ‘The Beatles: Get Back’ Documentary Left Viewers Stunned

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Andrew Maclear/Redferns)

One scene of The Beatles: Get Back has viewers feeling a bit awestruck as the band jams out and puts together songs that are now classics.

In the Disney+ feature, there is a lot of footage showing the band doing their thing. While it just looks like any other jam session, it is anything but looking back in 2021. The song, Get Back, is one of the most well-known songs by the band. As Paul McCartney strums at his bass, he looks for any kind of inspiration. Ringo Starr and George Harrison sit and watch as the session goes on.

McCartney finds the notes on his instrument first. Then, he starts to make musical noises. Not lyrics, but tones and notes, basically just vowels. As he starts to get into it more, Ringo claps a beat out with his hands. Harrison picks at his guitar, not doing much of anything while he analyzes McCartney’s play on the bass.

40 seconds in, and Harrison is actually yawning as Ringo keeps looking at the bass. All of a sudden, once McCartney has grabbed the chords and rhythm he wants, he strums it out harder and more confidently. Then, after about a minute and 45 seconds, he sings, “Get back… get back… get back to where you [once] belong.” The lyrics start to become more familiar as The Beatles put it together.

When the small clip ends, one can imagine that the song just needed a bit of work. John Lennon is credited with writing the song as well as McCartney. Once he had put together the skeleton, the rest is basically history. With a bluesy tune and sound, Get Back by The Beatles would go on to top the charts across the globe and reach 2x platinum in the US.

‘The Beatles: Get Back’ Offers Look At Band Like Never Before

Peter Jackson put this new documentary together and The Beatles: Get Back has given fans a lot to check out. When putting together a story about a legendary band like this, you have to give fans everything. Scenes like the songwriting process for Get Back as well as other more intimate moments are vital. Fans want to see it all.

It was actually the recording process of Get Back that ultimately led to the band breaking up…at least temporarily. It was a contentious time and George Harrison was feeling left out of the process. He didn’t like the direction the band and the song were going. The Jackson documentary picks up the moment where the guitarist stands up says, “Well, I think I’ll be leaving the band now,” and walks away.

So, what did he do to mark the occasion? He wrote it matter-of-factly in his diary. “Got up, went to Twickenham, rehearsed until lunch time – left the Beatles – went home.” This happened in 1969, and despite leaving he would return to the band two days later. The Beatles recorded the Let It Be album and then Abbey Road with both released in 1970 after Harrison left the band.