‘Orange County Choppers’ Star Paul Teutul Sr. Hilariously Gets Pranked with Electric Gun

by Jonathan Howard

Nothing beats spending time with family. When you are a member of the Paul Teutul Sr. family, fun is a little more twisted than normal. The elder Teutul was apparently spending time with his son, Mikey, recently. The two had a photo together on Instagram and looked to be enjoying each other’s company.

Soon after that photo was posted, Senior posted a video of himself getting pranked. In the background, you can hear his son Mikey laughing. It looks to be a small toy of some kind that Teutul is handling. By the time he knows what has hit him, it is too late. Watch the video below.

Clearly, the tiny pistol doesn’t shoot anything but a small shock up your arm. Paul Teutul Sr. got pranked pretty good with the little toy. Mikey is in the background recording and encouraging his father to squeeze the trigger and shock himself. Over the years on Orange County Choppers the Teutul family has played lots of pranks on one another. Some of them have been tasteful and others not so much. It was good seeing the patriarch of the family enjoying himself during this one.

Mikey is the long-haired, bearded son. While he has been part of the motorcycle empire and the television shows, he is less public than his brother, Paul Jr. During the rough times, it always seemed that Mikey was a bit closer to his dad, or at least on better terms. Many times on the show he found himself being a mediator between his father and brother.

Paul Teutul Sr., the Grandpa

Over the years, fans have gotten to know Paul Teutul Sr. as the motorcycle modifier who yells. While there is some truth to that, he has a full life outside of television. Designing custom motorcycles is no easy task. That is evident from American Chopper and Orange County Choppers. The arguments between father and son, brother and brother, and between shop workers are all well documented.

He still has that classic look that he has always had. That mustache and the tattoos are recognizable just about anywhere. Fans can best keep up with him over on his social media pages, particularly Instagram. That is where he posts updates and more from his regular life away from reality television.

Now that the television hype has died down, things are a little laxer for Paul Teutul Sr. Nowadays, he posts old photos or new updates from the family. He loves to post pictures of his grandchild, and updates on him and his kids. Mikey showing up and spending time with his dad is cool to see. While the family has had its differences over the years, there are some connections that are too hard to break.