Original ‘Jurassic Park’ Trio Reuniting Leaves Steven Spielberg ‘Very Emotional’

by Allison Hambrick
(Photo by Murray Close/Getty Images)

Jurassic Park director Steven Spielberg got emotional upon seeing set photos of the original cast back in action for Jurassic World: Dominion. According to Dominion director Colin Trevorrow, he sent Spielberg the photos, surprised by how it moved the other director.

“The moment everybody shows up for the first time together, they’re all packed into a Jeep,” Trevorrow explained to Empire. “And I took a picture of it and I sent it to Steven. He got very emotional. I don’t think even he was prepared for how moving it would be to see all of those characters that he loves, and people that he loves, looking incredible and on an adventure together.”

Bringing back the original trio also meant a lot to Trevorrow. After Jeff Goldblum’s cameo in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, fans wanted more. The director took it to heart to make sure he delivered.

“A movie like this, with our legacy characters playing as large a role as our modern characters… it’s challenging to bring it all together in a way that has momentum, and also isn’t a five-hour-long movie,” Trevorrow said. “It was nice to have the time to make sure that every character is honored in the way that they need to be.” 

In addition to the original cast, Jurassic World: Dominion brings back the new characters. Overall, the cast is loaded with talent. Laura Dern, Sam Neill, and Jeff Goldblum return as do Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. Supporting actors include Justice Smith, Isabella Sermon, and BD Wong. Wong also appeared in the original Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park‘s Laura Dern Excited for Comeback

While fans are excited about the original trio’s return, their excitement can’t match that of Laura Dern. The Academy Award winner expressed her happiness to revisit Ellie Sattler. The original book created a lifelong passion for her.

“Well, I’m so excited,” Dern told ET Online. “We had an extraordinary time all being together and back together. I feel really excited and privileged to be part of something that in its core, you know, was environmental messaging thanks to [book author] Michael Crichton long ago.”

As a result of her association with Jurassic Park, the actress uses her platform to champion environmental causes. Earlier this year, the nonprofit Oceana honored her at their annual Seachange Summer Party. Dern, however, passes credit for her activism to her children. Ellery, 20, and Jaya, 17, inspire her, the actress says.

“My children and their generation are teaching us,” said Dern. “As you know, every day because they’re being raised with a sense of emergency that we’re just catching up.”

Jurassic World: Dominion hits theaters in June of 2022.