Former ‘Live PD’ Host Dan Abrams Set to Take on New Nightly Live Show

by Emily Morgan

Dan Abrams, known for hosting the popular show, “Live PD,” just got a new gig. 

On Sept. 27, “Dan Abrams Live” will air at 8 p.m. ET on the NewsNation cable network. In addition to “Live PD,” Abrams is also a former anchor of ABC’s late-night show “Nightline.” He will also continue operating as a chief legal analyst for ABC News, even with his new nightly show. 

According to Abrams, the show’s goal is not to be overtly partisan but to examine issues of our time, from foreign policy to domestic disputes. “I want to have a civil conversation that I hope the audience walks away from with more information and a firmer opinion about whether they’re with me or against me on a variety of issues,” he told Variety

For Abrams, he wants to have guests who will challenge his ideas. “We can show you don’t need to demonize people with whom you disagree,” he said. Abrams also noted that he would avoid both-sides-ism in presenting opposing viewpoints on the show. “You can be pro-law enforcement and anti-racism,” he said. “You can be pro-Israel and pro-Iran nuclear deal.”

Abrams will likely focus on issues of both politics and law as well as “the most buzzed-about stories of the day.”

Dan Abrams Hopes To Have ‘Civil Conversations’ in New Show

“This is not a headlines show. I’m not going to be reading the news. This is an analytical show, and when I do have a guest, it will be a single guest. I don’t believe that there’s any value to having two people yell at each other any more.”

In addition to his onscreen gigs, Abrams also hosts a daily radio show for Sirius XM, titled, “The Dan Abrams Show.” He also spends his time investing in the news and politics website Mediaite. Before working for ABC News in 2011, he spent 15 years as a reporter and anchor for NBC News and MSNBC.

At the same time, Adrienne Bankert will anchor the 7-10 a.m. ET “Morning in America” program on NewsNation. The network recruited the “Good Morning America” weekend alum as an anchor in the spring. The following month, longtime “GMA” executive producer Michael Corn joined NewsNation as president of news.

According to Sean Compton, Nexstar’s president of networks, the network is still in development.  “We’re still in building mode, and we are continuing to expand,” Compton told Variety. “Dan and Adrienne are the most recent examples. Nexstar has given us their full support. We are just getting started.”

Currently, Nexstar owns nearly 200 TV stations that, as a whole, employ 5,500 local journalists. “We’re discovering what works and what doesn’t and continuing to enhance what we do,” Compton said. “It was always our intention to hire network-level talent like Dan and Adrienne and Michael.”