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‘Ozark’: Could a Frank-Ruth Spinoff Be in the Works?

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

One of the most popular shows to hit streaming giant Netflix, “Ozark” is certainly powerful enough to spawn a spinoff or two.

Warning: “Ozark” Season Four Spoilers Ahead

One particularly interesting idea for an “Ozark” spinoff would be pitting two main characters together in their own series. Enemies at first, Ruth Langmore and Frank Cosgrove, Jr., have cultivated a much better relationship in the fourth season. Ruth is played by the uber-talented Julia Garner, who is considered one of Hollywood’s top rising stars. Cosgrove is played by another young and rising star, Joseph Sikora, who turns in an incredible performance as the Kansas City Mobster. We have seen the relationship between Ruth and Frank evolve during season four with some “Ozark” watchers suggesting things could get romantic between them.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Sikora says a Frank-Ruth spinoff would be something to behold. He also heaps praise on Garner for turning Ruth into a beloved character.

“Him and Ruth, I mean, do I sense a spin-off there?” he says. “There’s some love growing in the air. Let’s see if Frank Jr. survives the season first. But let’s get back to Julia Garner, who I have most of my scenes with. She is just dynamic and so much fun to watch; she’s a little firecracker, a little lighting in a bottle, and I just enjoyed every minute of being onscreen with her.”

Surviving the fourth season is anything but a given for Sikora and his character. The same can be said for Garner and Ruth. “Ozark” has no qualms with killing off main characters as we saw in the first half of the season four finale. With seven episodes still to come for the fourth season, nothing is off the table in terms of character deaths.

‘Ozark’ Season Four Sends Frank and Ruth Seeking Revenge

Both Frank and Ruth are devastated by personal losses in the first half of season four. Frank’s father, Frank Cosgrove, Sr., is the leader of the Kansas City mob but is killed late in “Ozark” season four. He is killed by Darlene Snell, who is then killed by Navarro Cartel leader, Javi.

Javi also kills Wyatt Langmore, Ruth’s cousin and closest relative. She ends the season by declaring that no one will stop her search for revenge unless they kill her.

“If they want to stop me, they’ll have to kill me!” she screams at Marty and Wendy Byrde.

A thirst for revenge is a common trait shared by Ruth and Frank. Should the characters appear in a spinoff together, the storyline could revolve around their rage and search for justice.

There is nothing to suggest that an “Ozark” spinoff is in the works — other than Sikora’s comments. “Ozark” fans, however, would love to see Frank and Ruth have their own series.