‘Ozark’ Creator Teases Potential Spin-Offs After Series Ends

by Chase Thomas

“Ozark” is coming to an end sooner rather than later with just seven episodes remaining in the series. The show debuted Part 1 of the final season in January. Now, at the end of 2022, the final seven episodes will be released as the story is closed for the Byrdes in the Ozarks? Or is it? Well, the “Ozark” co-creator has teased a potential spin-off after the series ends.

Mark Williams told Screen Rant, “I haven’t personally [thought about it] and I think it’s for Netflix and Chris [Mundy] to really figure out a little bit more how they want to take it, if they do that path. But I’d be thrilled for that to happen, obviously Ruth has been such a great character throughout, but I think it’s got to be right for it. I think what we don’t want to do is just put out another version just to have. I think Better Call Saul is the perfect fit, obviously, they did it so well on top of Breaking Bad, so I think it only makes sense if it works.”

“Breaking Bad” vs. “Ozark”

Could a spin-off work for the series? The “Breaking Bad” comparisons for “Ozark” are endless. Both programs watch as a seemingly ordinary man upends his family by going rogue and working for the cartel. The storylines and fall of Marty Byrde and Walter White are quite similar. However, like the AMC show, the breakout stars are also huge. For “Ozark,” Ruth Langmore is a natural option for the spin-off. You could even fast-forward to a Jonah-centric spin-off. The possibilities are endless.

A prequel, though, like “Better Call Saul,” might be a bit more complicated. Going back to “Ozark” before the Byrdes arrived does not work the same. A lot of this depends on how the show ends. Which characters survive the last seven episodes. Once those final episodes are released, one can garner a clearer picture as to whether or not a spin-off could work.

Jonah Byrde on “Ozark”

Jonah figures to be a key piece down the stretch on the Netflix drama. The choices that he’s made, both against his mother Wendy and against his family by working with Ruth Langmore figure to loom large in the final episodes. Plus, Jonah was the one who gave Ruth Javi’s name. Will Jonah find himself in over his head sooner rather than later? It’s entirely possible. He has made huge character choices with just a few episodes remaining that put himself and the rest of the Byrdes in a lot of jeopardies. Will he convince his family to assist Ruth in going after Javi after learning what the latter did to her family?

You can watch “Ozark” on Netflix.