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‘Ozark’ Fans Are Just Realizing Who Directed Some of Season 4, Part One’s Best Episodes

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Justin Baker/Getty Images)

The hit drama on Netflix, “Ozark”, has been a huge hit for the streaming service. Since the latest season’s return on Friday, the show has continued to smash big-time records as folks cannot get enough of the Byrdes and their troubles in the land of the Ozarks. There is still another half a season to go, though, for the Byrdes and company. Still, this season was filled with high-intensity moments. However, some “Ozark” fans are just realizing who directed some of Season 4: Part 1’s best episodes. It was Hollywood star Robin Wright.

Yes, that Robin Wright from “Forest Gump” and “House of Cards”. Wright directed the final two episodes of an explosive end to the first half of the final season. Those two episodes in particular were quite volatile. Especially when it came to Ruth Langmore. Yes, Ruth is all fans cannot stop talking about for Julia Garner’s performance at the tail end of it all in “Ozark”. Wright, fans learned, was behind the camera for that explosive Langmore blowup that left fans shaken heading into the final seven episodes this fall.

One fan tweeted, “Ozark always has surprises in store…seeing Robin Wright’s name as director of 2 episodes was a good one! #OzarkNetflix #Ozark.”

Another fan tweeted, “Just realized Robin Wright directed the final 2 episodes of Ozark Season 4.”

Where Things Stand After Season 4: Part 1

Business picked up at the end of that seventh episode of the first part of the final season of “Ozark”. As mentioned above, things with Ruth have reached a critical mass. With yet another tragedy she has to endure, this time with her own family, she is all alone and quite angry. How will Ruth’s rage affect the end game for the Byrdes?

The Byrdes, in a flash-forward to open the new season, were seen driving happily out of the town. However, folks are wondering how they ended up getting to that point. Agent Miller put the Byrdes in quite the bind. After an agreement was made with Omar Novarro and the FBI, Miller went rogue, and now everything with the Byrdes, and their safety, is in flux.

Javi, who folks were introduced to at the beginning of the season, is the new man atop the Navarro cartel. His presence looms large over the show now. Especially with his actions at the end of this past season. Some sort of stand-off between Javi and Ruth seems inevitable. However, will Ruth and the Byrdes work with one another once again? This is what fans are wondering. How do all the final pieces fit with one another?

You can watch the first seven episodes of the final season now on Netflix. Part 2 looks to be released sometime later in 2022.