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‘Ozark’ Fans Believe One Character May Have Sealed Their Own Fate in Season 4

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage)

There are only seven episodes remaining in the hit Netflix drama “Ozark”. As hard as it is to believe, the hit drama is quickly winding down its final season. With only seven episodes to go, there are not many characters left standing. One can assume even less will remain standing at the tail end of the series, too, if history is any indicator. One of the characters that won’t be there will be Wyatt Langmore, who “Ozark” fans believe may have sealed his own fate in Season 4.

(Note: Spoilers for Season 4 ahead)

In a new thread on Reddit, fans of the program took Wyatt the character to task for his actions. After so much promise with the University of Missouri early on in the series, Wyatt has pivoted. He left Ruth behind and became both a father and boyfriend with Darlene. Fans on Reddit were not in this character development.

Still, towards the end, Ruth offers him a chance to leave. A chance to run and leave the land of the Ozarks behind once and for all. At first, he’s ready. Instead, he regresses and stays with Darlene, a dangerous woman who makes dangerous choices, until the end. His choices irritated the fans on the Reddit thread. They liked more who he was in Season 1.

It was a heartbreaking ending for both Wyatt and Ruth as Part 2 begins later this year.

Charlie Tahan on “Ozark”

Wyatt is a fascinating character throughout the program. However, his decision to be with Darlene is one that baffled viewers. He told Esquire, “The main thing I always say is, he’s struggling with his confidence in his abilities to get out and carve his own life out. He was thinking [about] what Ruth would want from him. Ruth, obviously, feels a lot of guilt later on in the show, but even at the start, Ruth puts her eggs into making sure Wyatt is OK.”

Confidence was never in his wheelhouse. So, instead, he stays with Darlene because she takes care of him and loves him. Still, Ruth never leaves Wyatt behind. She is upset at his choices. Especially school. However, she wants to be there for him. She wants to run away with him. She sees where this all goes if they stay.

Tahan adds, “In that scene, it’s just Wyatt humbly accepting responsibility for the makeshift family he’s made for himself. Whether it’s right or wrong, I think it’s just something in that moment that he feels he has to see through.”

He finally has a purpose with Darlene and Zeke. He can’t run from the responsibility. He likes it. He likes being useful to them.

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