‘Ozark’ Fans Debate: Who Is the ‘Worst Character’ on the Show?

by Chase Thomas

“Ozark” has been one of the biggest shows throughout its run on Netflix over four seasons. The show has become a binge classic for so many folks around the world. Especially in 2020 when Season 3 arrived just as things shut down all across the world. Because the show is so popular, lots of folks have varying opinions about which characters are the most frustrating to various results. However, “Ozark” fans on Reddit may have found the worst character on the program.

One user on the thread wrote, “Sam’s mom, pretty much a caricature that was planned to die off in a cheap shock death.” Sam, of course, is the poor guy who got mixed up with the wrong folks in the Byrdes and the Langmores on the program. He is now the manager at the hotel Ruth owns, but he lost it all at the Byrde’s casino. His mother was extremely hard on Sam and went out in brutal fashion right in front of Sam and the Byrdes.

Another name tossed around in the thread was the combination of Darlene and Wyatt. This grew more common throughout Season 3 and Season 4. On the program, Wyatt did not follow through going away to school at the University of Missouri. Instead, he played it safe and saddled up with Darlene and Zeek. It was a decision that frustrated fans everywhere because Wyatt showed so much promise early on. Instead, he chose a different path that upset fans and his cousin Ruth mightily.

Jason Bateman on “Ozark”

Bateman plays an extremely dark character in Marty Byrde. It’s a stark contrast to the roles he played early on in his career like in “Arrested Development.” This, along with “The Outsider,” were big shifts for Bateman in his career. Marty is a complicated guy, but he is also super smart. He has been able to survive working for the cartel and keeping his family safe far longer than most might have expected. Still, Marty is as cold and as calculated as they come.

Bateman told NPR, “I mean (laughter), not – I mean, I’m plenty dark. It’s always been in there. I enjoy getting to unapologetically speak some of that and behave some of that through this character. But I’ve always tried to put a little bit of darkness or – I don’t know if darkness is going to be the right word. But in the characters that I play, even in comedies, I’ll rarely be the wacky guy.”

This was something Bateman wanted to do. He was looking for this kind of shift. He’s wanted to be this kind of character like Derek and Marty in the two big-time dramas. You can watch “Ozark” on Netflix.