‘Ozark’ Fans Have A Theory That May Have Saved One Major Character’s Life

by Chase Thomas

Did Ruth Langmore make the mistake of not telling her cousin Wyatt about what Darelene did? Well, some “Ozark” fans have a theory that may have saved one major character’s life. Indeed, one fan on Reddit believes that had Ruth informed Wyatt about how dangerous Darlene really was and how much jeopardy he was really in by living with her, perhaps he would have run away with her.

It’s an interesting fan theory. One fan commented on the theory saying, “Wyatt was supposedly smart but not smart enough to see red flags when Darlene told him she killed Jacob herself.. even going into detail to tell Wyatt how etc lol he’s dumb.” That’s an interesting point. Wyatt knew how he got to be with Darlene in the first place and that was that she killed her last husband. He stayed. Some fans in the thread mention it still came down to the baby for Wyatt. Without Zeke in the picture, maybe he leaves?

Ruth Langmore And Jonah

He did not leave, though. No, Wyatt remained in that house until the end. He knew he was in danger and he didn’t react accordingly. But his decision impact Ruth greatly. Now, with seven episodes to go Ruth is on a collision course with the cartel. She has nothing left to lose after losing Wyatt and her boyfriend Ben last season. Loss has been everywhere for Ruth and now she is in an emotional state that fans have never seen before.

The other wildcard is Jonah. Remember, Jonah Byrde spent the first part of this final season helping Ruth launder her money in the drug trade. He is in it deep along with Ruth. He also cannot stand his mother, Wendy, who is as dangerous as she has ever been. Now, folks are wondering where things go between those two.

Charlie Tahan from “Ozark”

Now, though, Tahan has moved on. He is free to do other projects after four seasons starring on the Netflix drama. He told Esquire, “Oh, a lot. When you’re playing a character, it honestly just depends on the day. Sometimes I feel like I don’t know what the —- I’m doing, other days it’ll seem easier. I mean, the stuff that I’ll miss the most is just being on set and with my friends. Everyone says it, but we were all together for five years and we did become a family. And I will miss that. I’m going to miss hanging out at the lake where we film. I got this job when I was 18 and a child actor. So, this is the first job where I didn’t have to have guardians or do school. I’m 23 now. I did Ozark school.”

You can watch “Ozark” on Netflix.