‘Ozark’ Fans Make Case for Why You Should Like Wendy

by Chase Thomas

It’s hard to believe, but only seven episodes remain for the Netflix drama “Ozark”. Indeed, over the course of four seasons, folks have gotten to know the Byrdes quite well. Whether it be Marty, Wendy or the kids, folks have spent a lot of time with the Byrdes. However, Wendy Byrde has become an increasingly polarizing figure since the show first began. Her actions towards her own brother Ben were perhaps the biggest chess move by Wendy that upset so many fans. However, some “Ozark” fans made the case for why you should like Wendy.

One user in the thread wrote, “As a character, I love Wendy. As a person, she is a complete piece of —-.” That’s where the disconnect happens with so many folks. Folks like the character objectively, but the person is repulsive to most. For instance, Wendy is incredible at navigating big-time political waters, but she does so for the wrong reasons. She is gifted at what she does, but what she does is no good in the fans’ eyes.

Her actions make her easy to root against, but you still have to respect her intelligence and how gifted she is at staying alive in the series. Another fan wrote, “Yeah Laura Linney nails the role, the character is good but often so frustrating. I love her feud with Jonah in season 4.”

Agent Maya Miller’s Decision

Wendy is in an interesting bind when we pick up this fall with her family. The Byrdes thought they would be getting out of the drug cartel game once and for all. Instead, though, Agent Maya Miller sabotages a big-time deal between the FBI and Omar Novarro. Instead, she arrests him and blows up the plan. Now, the Byrdes are left scrambling and figuring out a new way out of the drug cartel.

The decision also played a huge role in the future of Ruth Langmore. Because Miller went rogue, Javi was promoted to being the new leader of the Novarro cartel. He reacted as most suspected, by going after Darlene and Wyatt along with the Byrdes. Ruth has already been through so much on the program, dating back to last season with her boyfriend Ben. Now, she just wants to get out of the Ozarks. She wants to start over somewhere else, but now she can’t. She is fueled by rage at Javi and the cartel as the final seven episodes kick off.

Then there is Jonah. Will he help Ruth get back at the cartel because they won’t see him coming? It’s fair to wonder and fans cannot get enough of Wendy vs. Jonah in Season 4.

You can watch the final season of the hit show “Ozark” on Netflix.