‘Ozark’ Fans Want a Spinoff Show About Helen’s ‘Backstory’

by Chase Thomas

Only seven episodes remain for “Ozark” in 2022. The hit Netflix show will be wrapping things up sometime this fall, but they will be doing so without Helen Pierce. As you fans know, Helen was taken care of at the end of Season 3, so she will not be competing with the Byrdes in the final seven episodes of the program. However, “Ozark” fans want a spinoff show about Helen’s “backstory.”

While a number of characters would not work for a prequel on this particular show, Helen does. There are a number of similarities between “Ozark” and “Breaking Bad.” One of them is the slow-burning nature of the two shows. Watching ordinary folks stray all the way from who they were. Like Saul Goodman, Helen Pierce was a lawyer for a bad organization. How did she get there? Who brought her in originally?

Like Saul, there is a number of ways the spinoff could go in addressing it.

One fan on Reddit wrote, “Helen is such an interesting character. When we first meet her, I actually thought she was just a lawyer who represents criminals, which is not a crime. Then we see that she’s actually a cartel operative who has people tortured and murdered, and doesn’t seem phased at all by the job. Then you combine the fact that she seems to have a relatively normal family, with a husband who knows absolutely nothing about her work. People compare Wendy now to Walter White, but I feel like Helen definitely must’ve had some Heisenberg transformation to get where her character got to.”

There was a lot more to Helen than just the lawyering. She did a lot more for the cartel. The comparisons between Helen and Wendy are also fair and fascinating.

Helen Pierce on “Ozark”

Janet McTeer, who played Helen, spoke to Indie Wire about her role.

She said, “It was really fun to play someone who’s always kind of judging everybody.” She continued, “Helen’s character, I think, is somebody who was asked to do this job, and she found the idea of playing against the law — playing against what is right, doing something really shady — I think she liked the secrecy of it. I think she liked the challenge of it. “

Helen was a secretive figure. She loved lived living in the shadows on the program. There was something incredibly challenging and terrifying about what she did for the cartel. It’s what fueled her in the cartel and fueled Wendy, too.

I think she liked knowing there were very few people who could do what she did. I think she enjoyed all of that, the way she still enjoyed sneaking a cigarette when no one is looking.”