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‘Ozark’: Five Bold Predictions for the Series’ Final Episodes

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

The end of “Ozark” will be here before you know it, folks. After four seasons, the show will conclude in the fall of 2022 with Season 4: Part 2. Just seven episodes in total remain. With so much up in the air as the show inches towards the finish line. So, you might find it interesting to hear these five bold predictions for the series’ final episodes.

The theories are posited via fans on Reddit. The first is that Ben, Wendy’s brother is alive. This would be quite the reveal as viewers never actually saw Ben Davis get killed by the cartel. It was just heavily implied. The theory goes that maybe Marty made a deal to keep Ben alive with Omar. The implications of Ben being alive would be endless. Would Ben help the Byrdes because Marty made a deal to keep him alive? What would this mean for Ruth? If Ben were to still be alive, this would be a gigantic change for the final seven episodes.

The next was that either Ben or Wendy would not survive until the end. The user in the thread suspects either one dies and one goes to prison. Either way, it does not end well for the Byrde family. The Byrdes almost made a clean breakaway. Had Agent Miller not interfered and gone rogue, the Byrdes were done and out of it with the cartel. Instead, they are back in the muck. Is it likely that either parent makes it out in the end unscathed?

The Byrdes on “Ozark”

A really fascinating theory involves the private investigator who jumped onto the scene in Season 4: Part 1. Could Mel Sattem really cause the downfall for the Byrdes? A fan on Reddit thinks so. This would be interesting because he has not been a major player to this point. Would it come down to the Byrdes not taking him seriously and he upends everything because of it? That is certainly plausible. He is not going anywhere and he keeps digging deeper into the Byrdes.

To begin Part 1, we see the Byrdes driving off out of the Ozarks. However, their car gets hit and it goes flying off the road. One user suspects it is because that was a hit by one member of the cartel.

The last big theory is Ruth leaving town. The comparisons on the program between “Ozark” and “Breaking Bad” are endless. They are also well-warranted. However, Ruth is going after the cartel. Will she really make it out of town if she goes after Javi in the final seven episodes? The comparisons between her and Jess from the AMC show are endless.

You can watch “Ozark” on Netflix.