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‘Ozark’: Here’s What Happened to Ruth’s Mother

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage)

You won’t find many characters on a television program as iconic as Ruth Langmore on the hit show “Ozark” on Netflix. Since the first season, Ruth has become a fan favorite character for a multitude of reasons. Still, as the seasons have gone on we have learned more and more about the Langmores and their history in the land of the Ozarks. We did not meet her father, Cade, originally, but that changed later on. Viewers never met her mother, though, and Ruth revealed why in Season 4. Yes, Ruth revealed that her mother died in a hit-and-run accident years ago.

It was a tough scene for Ruth in the sixth episode of the fourth season. The woman she is speaking with points out she looks just like her in the episode. However, her mother was indeed no longer around. Ruth over the seasons deals with all sorts of tragedy in her personal life, most recently her cousin and her boyfriend before that. It has been a turbulent road for Ruth both before and after the Byrdes arrived on the scene.

Agent Maya Miller’s Choice

Outside of Ruth Langmore, another big-time character moment in Season 4 was Agent Maya Miller. Miller has become a huge character on the program since her arrival in Season 3. At first, she came in to monitor the casino for the FBI and try and get Marty Byrde out of the situation. Unfortunately, that was never in the cards for Miller and Marty.

Instead, plans changed in Season 4 when Omar Navarro made it clear he wanted to make a deal with the FBI to get him out of the cartel. This was a huge storyline that would have finally gotten the Byrdes out of their pickle once and for all. However, Miller, who worked to get the plan together with both sides, sabotaged it all in the end. Miller arrested Omar Novarro and created a seismic shift in the showdown of the stretch.

Now, Javi Navarro has become the leader of the cartel and made immediate, long-lasting moves that put Ruth Langmore on a warpath and the Byrdes on the defensive. A lot of folks are now in a state of flux with only seven episodes remaining because of Miller’s choice at the end of the first part of this final season.

How will Javi respond to Miller going rogue and arresting his uncle? How will Ruth handle what Javi did to her family? Will the Byrdes get out of the cartel and the Ozarks once and for all? With only seven episodes left, these are the kinds of questions at the top of many fans’ minds.

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