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‘Ozark’: Here’s Where We Last Left Wendy Byrde Heading Into Season 4

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images)

Fans of the hit Netflix series “Ozark” are thrilled that a new season of the often intense and sometimes downright crazy show is upon us.

Played by Laura Linney on “Ozark,” Wendy Byrde is the wife of Marty Byrde, played by Jason Bateman. While she loves her husband and her family, Wendy has a political mind that can sometimes get her in trouble. Through three seasons of the show, viewers have the evolution of Wendy from stay-at-home mom to diving deep into the world criminal world. It’s been fascinating for viewers to Watch Wendy’s journey and she is one of the most beloved characters on the show. Wendy is a mentally tough and strong female character that has won over the audience with great ease.

Season three was quite the roller coaster for Wendy as she and her husband try to free themselves from the control of a powerful drug cartel. The third season also saw the arrival of Wendy’s mentally ill brother, Ben, who puts an even greater strain on her and Marty’s “Ozark” business dealings. She is forced to make a difficult choice at the end of the season and to have her brother killed. Signing off on Ben’s death is devastating to Wendy but she knows it is the best way to keep her family safe.

In the third season of “Ozark,” we also see Wendy attempt to go around cartel attorney Helen. She is contacting Navarro herself instead of going through Helen as she was before. At first, this angers Navarro as he has a certain method he likes to employ. He tries to distance himself from his associates in order to insulate himself from his operation. Navarro eventually chooses the Byrdes over Helen and has the latter killed upon her arrival to Mexico.

‘Ozark’ Heads Into Season Four With Byrde Family in Crosshairs

The last image we see in the third season of “Ozark” is Navarro hugging Wendy and Marty. He tells them that Helen’s death is a new beginning and that he will now be relying solely on them to launder his money.

Soaked in blood and in shock from what they’ve just seen, The Byrde’s enter into a party for Navarro’s son though they are still wearing the blood-soaked clothing. In a triple of the fourth season of “Ozark,” we see the Byrde’ in Navarro’s bathroom attempting to pull themselves together.

It is going to take a monumental effort to stay alive in the fourth “Ozark” season but the Byrde’s are up to the task. Clever and willing to play dirty, the Byrde family is looking at difficult odds. it will take the full wit of both Wendy and Marty to make it through to the end.