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‘Ozark’: How Ruth Langmore’s Season 3 Storyline Will Affect Her Moving Forward

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Timothy Norris/Getty Images)

Ozark returns Friday on Netflix. Yes, Part 1 of Season 4 will be released on Friday for the streaming giant. The final season will be split into two parts. The first part gets released on Friday. After nearly two years away, fans could not be more excited to welcome back the Byrde family back into their homes. They want to see how it all ends for them. It has been a wild ride. If the trailer for this final season is any indication, things will only intensify in the final season. One character, Ruth Langmore, figures to have a highly volatile final season of the program. Ruth made a huge choice in season 3. It’s fair to wonder how Ruth Langmore’s Season 3 storyline choices will affect her moving forward.

Julia Garner has excelled in her role as Ruth Langmore in ‘Ozark’. So much so that she has won two Emmys for her role as the foul-mouthed leader of the Langmore family. However, her character development over the years has been something to behold. She has come a long way from where she was when the show began, but she finally had enough of dealing with Marty and his family and sided with her own and Darlene’s in the Season 3 finale. This leaves Ruth on the side of her brother and Darlene with the Byrdes and the Navarro cartel matched up against them.

Byrdes vs. Langmores on ‘Ozark’

With Season 4 almost here, her choice to kick Marty to the side and go back to family and join Darlene’s new heroin business was a major plot point for Ruth. She cannot go back to Marty and he cannot save her anymore. The relationship between the two of them grew on the show. She became a business partner for Marty and it genuinely seemed like Marty wanted the best for Ruth. The dissolve of their relationship was a huge tipping point in Season 3 for both Marty and Ruth.

The other major plot point for Ruth was her relationship with Ben, Wendy’s brother. The fallout between Marty and Ruth ended for a different reason entirely. Ben and Ruth fell for each other, but when Ben stopped taking his medication to be with Ruth everything came crashing down. It ultimately led to Wendy giving up her own brother to the drug cartel. Once that decision was made, Ruth wanted nothing to do with the Byrdes going forward.

Darlene stepping in and shooting Frank Cosgrove Jr. after his feud with Ruth at the casino pushed Ruth further in her direction. Ultimately, Ruth made a choice to side with her own family over the Byrdes and the cartel. This figures to be a big storyline in the final season of ‘Ozark’ as the Byrdes and Langmores go to war.