‘Ozark’: Jonah and Charlotte May as Well Be Brother and Sister in Real Life

by Chase Thomas

It’s hard to believe, but only seven-episode remain of the hit Netflix drama “Ozark”. Just seven. The show wraps up in the fall with those final seven episodes. Every fan is so curious to learn how it all ends for everyone involved, including the Byrde family children Jonah and Charlotte. However, because of their on-screen chemistry as siblings, folks have been wondering if the two may as well be brother and sister in real life.

However, Sofia Hublitz and Skylar Gaertner are not related. They just share this unique bond on the program that makes the viewer feel as if they were. In Season 4: Part 1, we see the differences start to mount between Jonah and Charlotte. Early on, it was Charlotte who wanted out of the family and to emancipate herself. However, she has changed her tune. She is onboard with the doings of her parents now. Jonah is the rebellious one now, with the death of his uncle Ben being the last straw for the youngest child in the family. Learning that his own mother had her own brother killed by the drug cartel was a bridge to far for Jonah and how he saw his mother. Their relationship is in shambles.

Since then, we have seen Jonah pivot and work with Ruth on “Ozark”. Just like his dad, Jonah is an expert at laundering copious amounts of cash. However, he is still just a minor. Wendy can’t stand what’s happening with her son. However, Marty is at least a little impressed by Jonah and what he is able to do to this point. However, Jonah is now locked in with Ruth who is on a collision course with Javi and the cartel. Remember, Javi made a bold move on Ruth’s family, and fans have never seen her in that emotional state before as the finale came to a close.

Ruth vs. Javi on “Ozark”

How will Jonah be involved with Ruth as she looks for revenger against Javi and the drug cartel? Will Wendy and Marty get involved? One of the biggest parts of the final seven episodes is the challenge between Wendy and Jonah. Wendy Byrde has transformed to the leader of the household over Marty to this point. Now, though, Jonah sees his mom for what she has become. His sister does not see it, though. Still, Jonah might need Wendy to get out of the mess he created for himself by aligning himself with Ruth Langmore. With Javi’s actions towards Wyatt and Darlene, it makes sense for that to evolve to Ruth and Jonah who was also running the heroin operation with them.

Will Wendy help her son? With her villain origin story expanding as much as it has in the last two seasons, fans cannot wait to find out how it all ends.