‘Ozark’: One Dark Fan Theory Believes Only This Character May Survive

by Chase Thomas

It’s hard to believe folks, but “Ozark” only has seven episodes remaining on Netflix before it’s all over. Indeed, the end game is coming. With it coming, fans are wondering how it all ends for the characters left standing. Will the Byrdes all make it out of the Ozarks with their family still intact for instance? Well, one dark fan theory believes only this character may survive. Could Wendy Byrde be the only member of the family left standing in the end?

It’s certainly plausible, as the new piece outlines. While things began with the cartel being a Marty Byrde endeavor, that has changed. Especially over the last two seasons. Wendy Byrde has continued to climb the ladder to success in both the cartel and politically. Wendy is not who she was when the show began years ago. She has taken control of the situation.

She has also shown that she is willing to make terrible sacrifices to protect herself and her family. Her decision to give Ben Davis to the cartel was a pivotal moment for the character. She is also becoming increasingly powerful politically. Her network is as strong as ever, politically. And the “too big to fail” point is an important one. Because Wendy now has so much reach politically she might indeed be the safest member of the Byrde family.

With her disconnect with Jonah, is it possible that if Javi and the cartel target him for working with Ruth and laundering her money for her drug trade? If Wendy will sacrifice her brother, could she sacrifice her son who wants nothing to do with her anymore? Wendy has become increasingly cold and calculated, similar to Walter White as the theory suggests.

Charlie Tahan on ‘Ozark’

The follow-up for Ruth following the events to Wyatt are also at the top of everyone’s mind. What will Ruth do and how will it impact Jonah and the Byrdes? With Wyatt and Darlene now out of the picture, Charlie Tahan talked to Esquire about his time on the program.

He said, “I’d say, me, Charlie, I’m young and don’t really know what that looks like and it wouldn’t really be my place. When we were filming, I just said that there was love there for whatever reason. I think they each fill a role that the other is missing. And I do think they create a real bond and rapport. They have a mutual respect. While Wyatt was vulnerable, I don’t think Darlene starting a relationship with him was something that she had foreseen or planned or anything—no matter how nefarious she may be after that.”

They were content with one another and that was more than enough. You can watch “Ozark” on Netflix.