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‘Ozark’ Previews Intense Final Episodes in Trailer for Season 4 Part 2

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

We’re exactly a month away from the final seven episodes of “Ozark.” Indeed, only a month out from finally learning how it all ends for the Byrdes and Ruth Langmore on the hit Netflix drama. Ahead of the final episodes being released on the streaming giant, Netflix released another explosive trailer previewing an intense set of episodes awaiting its millions of fans.

“Ozark” could end in a multitude of ways. One of the trending themes of the program over the last season or so has been the marriage between Marty and Wendy Byrde. The roles between the two have been reversed in a way. This new trailer spotlights the growing changes between the two characters. Now, Wendy is the aggressor in the Byrde family. Marty wants out. From the trailer, you see how tired Marty is of it all. Instead, Wendy pushes back and makes it about Marty putting others before his own family. It’s a complicated situation for the Byrdes as things wind down in “Ozark.”

“Don’t back out on me when we’re almost done,” Wendy says in the trailer. What’s interesting is that both Jonah and Charlotte are mostly absent from the final trailer of “Ozark.” With Jonah, he has become a central figure in the show. For the first seven episodes of the final season, he went to work for their rival in Ruth Langmore. He is also who told Ruth about Javi, which may have serious implications for both characters in the final seven episodes. Still, the Byrde family remains a mess in the trailer. Marty feels remorse for destroying Ruth Langmore’s life. Wendy could not care less.

For Ruth, she remains unhinged in the trailer. Ruth is on a mission after losing Wyatt in the finale to Part 1 of Season 4. She has nothing left in the land of the Ozarks. In a surprising shot, the trailer shows Ruth shooting Javi at point-blank range. We do not know if Javi survives the shot, but it was jarring, nonetheless. Ruth is fairly irate at the situation and she does not care where her actions lead her at this point. Her sadness at the funeral in the trailer is tough for fans to witness.

We also see Agent Maya Miller appear again who tells Marty that she only sees him as a criminal now when he tells her that his family is in danger. Marty had his opportunity to get out and make a deal and he did not. However, lots of fans have wondered what the fate will be for Agent Miller considering she put Omar Novarro behind bars and imploded the deal that cost the Byrdes their out. It also put Javi in power.

So many questions remain, but fans only have a month left to wait for “Ozark” to return, but this trailer should help.