‘Ozark’: Ruth Comes for Revenge in First Trailer for Season 4, Part Two

by Chase Thomas

There are only seven episodes remaining of the hit Netflix show “Ozark”. The ending for Season 4: Part 1 was a big-time ending for the program that showed Ruth Langmore in a state that viewers had never seen before. It was clear that she was in a different place following the moves made by Javi Novarro against Wyatt and her family. Now, in the new trailer for “Ozark,” Ruth is coming looking for revenge in Season 4: Part 2.

The new trailer was released Wednesday, and it spotlights Ruth. Ruth spends the majority of the new trailer talking about what it means to be a Langmore. The tragedy that has upended her family over the course of four brutal seasons. She has lost everyone around her. There was some hope early on for Ruth in Season 4 after she departed from the Byrdes and went into business with herself and Darlene. However, that was not to be, as we saw in the end of the first part of the fourth season. After losing her boyfriend Ben Davis in Season 3, she wants out. Ruth tries to get her remaining family out of the Ozarks, but to no avail.

Ruth Langmore’s Endgame on ‘Ozark’

Still, it only ends once, folks. The words, “The end arrives sooner than you think” flash across the screen in that final shot. Viewers see Javi in charge and Omar lying in a prison cell. If viewers were wondering if Agent Miller’s actions against Omar were going to prop back up, the trailer clears that up for folks. “My childhood traumas are not like yours,” Ruth says in the trailer. She’s right, and you can see that she is making final moves with the artillery and the money that make you wonder if she’s going to war with Javi and the cartel on her own.

Agent Miller’s Choice

Agent Maya Miller made a bold move at the tail end of Season 4: Part 1. Her decision to not follow through with the deal the FBI made with Omar was a big-time chess move by Miller. One that even raised an eyebrow from her own mother. Now, with Omar behind bars, one has to wonder what will come of the rogue FBI agent. Javi does not work like his uncle and although he will certainly be focused on dealing with the Byrdes and Ruth Langmore, Agent Miller’s future is certainly in doubt.

With only seven episodes to go, folks are wondering how Miller will factor into the endgame between Javi and Ruth and the Byrdes. Will Javi and Omar go after her for breaking the deal? Only time will tell. The final seven episodes will air on April 24 on Netflix.