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‘Ozark’ Season 4: Fans Predict This Major Character Will Die in Part 2

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix)

It’s hard to believe that it has already been a week since Season 4: Part 1 of “Ozark” was released on Netflix. The show returned after nearly two years away and broke all sorts of records in the process. With seven episodes left in the series, fans cannot stop guessing and talking about which characters will survive in the end. Well, some fans have already predicted that this major character will die in Part 2: Agent Maya Miller.

Miller has grown increasingly important in the final two seasons of “Ozark.”

Yes, the FBI agent first began investigating Marty Byrde, but that role expanded as time went on. Now, she is past working with him and getting him into the FBI. Her role in the final season was bringing in Omar Navarro. This involved a gigantic choice in the end from Miller.

After an agreement was made between Navarro and the FBI that would have required him to work for them as a double agent for five years before becoming a free man in the United States. Agent Miller sabotaged it all. This had long-lasting ramifications for both the FBI, the cartel, the Byrdes and even Miller. It was her call to scrap the plans and arrest Omar Navarro. This decision, fans suspect, might end up costing the FBI agent her life.

Agent Miller’s Choice

Not only did Miller put herself in grave danger by making the move, but she also put the Byrdes in grave danger as well. This move late in the first seven episodes of the final season figures to be an important storyline down the stretch for the Netflix program.

One fan on Reddit wrote about her decision, “no way maya miller survives part 2, that was really dumb of her”. Another user on the thread wrote, “I believe she will die, because of that self-righteous stunt she pulled. The way her mother looked on, as she was on the phone with Omar Navarro was sorta foreshadowing something down the line. Also, during the news segment of her & the local police department’s takedown of Navarro, the look on her mother’s face & asking Maya “What has she done?”. Javier knows Maya pulled the stunt & I just don’t see her escaping freely into the sunset.”

Only time will tell.

‘Ozark’: Where They Stand

Ruth Langmore first felt the ramifications of Miller’s rogue actions in the finale. Yes, Langmore is in a highly volatile position now. Javi now runs the Navarro family cartel. His actions changed everything for Ruth and now the latter has the former in her crosshairs. The showdown between Ruth and Javi. Along with how the Byrdes get involved, this figures to be one of the biggest storylines remaining in the program.