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‘Ozark’ Season 4, Part 1 Scores Absolutely Massive Streaming Numbers: Report

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images)

“Ozark” Season 4: Part 1 was a huge success on Netflix. The program released the first seven episodes of its final season at the tail end of January. Now, there are still seven episodes that remain until the show concludes at the end of 2022. Well, we also know that those first seven episodes posted absolutely massive streaming numbers according to a new report.

The total views for its first week on Netflix “hit the 3 billion mark” per the Hollywood Reporter. The closest to hitting that number for the first week was “Archive 81” on Netflix, but that still only hit 1.04 billion.

Future of “Ozark”

“Ozark” has been one of the biggest shows on Netflix since it first arrived on the streaming platform. However, just seven episodes remain. Just seven. There is a lot up in the air as to how it all will end.

Jason Bateman told Collider, “I mean if you’re talking about some of the deaths, that is something that obviously I know all about, before we even start the whole season, before [Mundy] even starts writing the first episode. The whole season is mapped out and we kind of know what the beginning, middle, and end is and what the deaths are going to be. Part of that is to also let the actors know. No actor likes to read a script and sneak up on the fact their character just got killed.”

The team knows what’s coming each season. The season has its plot points that it needs to hit. Folks know where their characters are headed throughout that particular season.

The End Game

He continued, “So, everyone is told up front [which characters will die]. This is a lesson we kind of learned the hard way in the first year. It’s not atypical in television, where actors are not told until the week of their character’s death. But I just think that’s kind of ——. So we let everybody know before the season starts what the future is for the character, or lack thereof, and away we go.”

But how will it all end? Ruth Langmore’s future is very much in flux now. With Javi’s actions at the end of Season 4: Part 1, her situation could not be more up in the air than it is right now. How will it affect Jonah, the Byrde’s son, as things wrap up at the end here? Remember, Jonah began working for Ruth and Darlene to spite his parents and launder their money. Now, though, Javi is Ruth’s target and it stands to reason that Jonah gets involved at the end.

With only seven episodes remaining, every fan of “Ozark” is dying to know how it all ends for Ruth and the Byrdes on the show.