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‘Ozark’ Season 4, Part 2: Jason Bateman Says the ‘Blood Spigot Does Not Ever Get Turned Off’

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

The final episodes of Ozark will soon make their way to Netflix as the streaming service releases Season 4, Part 2 on Friday. With only seven episodes left to wrap up the series, the hit show will bring all the drama surrounding the Byrde family to an emphatic end.

Ozark fans have flocked to the popular Netflix series based on Marty and Wendy Byrde (Jason Bateman and Laura Linney) and their family. A seemingly normal family gets mixed up with a Mexican drug cartel as Marty launders money for drug lord Omar Navarro. The series follows the Byrde family’s exploits, which often take a turn for the worst. Death and violence follows the Byrdes through every plot twist that has become commonplace in the last three and a half seasons.

According to a new interview, Ozark Season 4 won’t let up when it comes to the show’s shocking storylines. In recent weeks, the cast has promoted the finale in multiple interviews. Most recently, a few of the cast members had a roundtable talk with Entertainment Weekly. Fellow cast members Julia Garner, Laura Linney, and showrunner Chris Mundy, joined the Marty and Wendy actors.

While speaking about the series in the joint interview, Bateman wouldn’t give away any secrets. He gave away no clues about who may die and who will survive going forward. However, he admits plenty will go wrong for Ozark‘s characters as the series comes to an end.

“As blue as it is, it needs to remain somewhat red to keep things consistent,” Bateman said to EW, referencing the show’s cinematography. “But, I feel like the average stays pretty consistent. You can always count on something going wrong for somebody in every episode or every other episode, at least.”

Jason Bateman Says ‘Ozark’ Season 4 Will Have ‘Satisfying Resolution’

During EW‘s joint interview with the Ozark cast, Jason Bateman also opened up about Season 4’s ending. Fans of the series realize that things won’t go smoothly for the Byrdes in the final seven episodes. Yet during the interview, Jason Bateman tried to assure fans that they’ll be happy with the show’s conclusion.

We can all expect the Byrde family to have even more dysfunction in Ozark Season 4, Part 2. More lies will be told, characters will get killed off, and plenty of twists and turns are in store. But showrunners seem pleased with the way the series is tying up any loose ends. In addition, Bateman shared that fans can expect a “satisfying resolution” as Ozark comes to a close.

“I just think it ends in such a — pardon the term — elegant way, consistent with the measured approach [his character, Marty] took to all of these extraordinary circumstances,” Jason Bateman said to EW about the final seven episodes.

“In other words,” he continues, “I think it would have been easy to really push the TNT lever down and have some big, huge, forced crescendo at the end. It’s only a spoiler to say that it’s not that. It’s much more consistent with our show, where the ending has a very satisfying resolution. But it doesn’t smack you in the face.”