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‘Ozark’ Season 4, Part One: Here’s Every Major Death This Season

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

We’re going deep into spoiler territory for Ozark season four part one. If don’t want to know what happens, go check out this article about what you can expect from the season and save this one for later.

It is obvious that Ozark is going out with a bang. Showrunners didn’t waste any time getting into the murder and mayhem on the final season of the dark crime drama. So, neither will we.

Sheriff John Nix, Ozark Season Four’s First Death

As season 3 of Ozark came to an end, we watched Omar Navarro have his attorney Helen Pierce killed in front of the Byrdes before teaming up with them in earnest. That alliance continues in the new season and so does the cartel’s grip on the region.

Omar wants to see Darlene’s farm shut down. So, his nephew Javi decides to send Darlene a message. He does so by shooting Sheriff Nix. Later, Jonah lets Darlene know that his parents know what happened to Nix. This leads to a major confrontation between her and Wendy.

Darlene Negotiates with Kerry Stone’s Driver

Ruth Langmore plays a big part in season 4 of Ozark. She’s trying to help Darlene bring in more money with her farm. With that in mind, she meets with Kerry Stone, a rich man looking to invest. He tries some of Darlene’s product and is impressed. So, negotiations continue. Darlene, however, doesn’t want to bring Stone into the fold. That doesn’t stop Ruth from spending time with the wealthy man.

That quality time turns into an overdose at the Missouri Belle that nearly put Kerry Stone on this list. This drew attention to the casino. As a result, when Ruth shows up to explain with Kerry’s driver in tow, Darlene is in no mood to suffer fools.

Unfortunately for the driver, he’s a fool. He demands that Darlene slip him some hush money. Instead, her gun makes sure he stays quiet for good.

Frank Cosgrove Sr.

This season of Ozark drives home the point that Darlene and the head of the Kansas City Mafia don’t get along. The first scene they share in this season is a confrontation. Later, Cosgrove launches into an angry tirade. Darlene ended that conversation with her firearm as well.

Ozark Season 4’s Most Shocking Deaths: Wyatt and Darlene

By the end of this half of the finale season of Ozark, things get wild. Omar gets locked up and Javi takes his place at the head of the cartel. However, power and youth rarely make for a cool head. So, when he confronts Darlene about the fact that her farm is still up and running, things quickly go downhill.

Darlene’s fear is evident when she apologizes and tells Javi that she’ll shut down. He doesn’t buy it, though. To make sure she’s no longer a problem, the new cartel boss puts bullets in both Darlene and Wyatt, shutting down her operation permanently.

And that’s just the first half of the season! At this point, Ozark fans must be wondering if anyone will make it out of this season alive.