Ozark Season 4 Trailer Hints at Major Character’s Death

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

The ending to “Ozark” is near. Just one month away to the day, actually. Indeed, on April 29, the final seven episodes of the hit drama on Netflix come to a close. To get folks ready for the final seven episodes of “Ozark,” Netflix dropped another Season 4 trailer that has fans losing their minds. One of the reasons this is the case is that the trailer shows Ruth Langmore shooting Javi, who is leading the Novarro Cartel now, multiple times.

“Ozark” Teases Javi’s Death In Season 4 Trailer

This is a huge tease for Netflix. With the way Season 4: Part 1 wrapped up, we knew that Ruth had her sights set on Javi. However, to show the shooting in the trailer and tease his death was a big move. In the trailer, you see Ruth walk up to Javi with a hood over her head and shoot him twice at close range. It’s a terrifying scene from Ruth who has nothing left to lose in the program.

The trailer also teases the increasingly terrible relationship between Marty and Wendy Byrde. The Byrdes’ roles have reversed. With Omar in prison, the Byrdes are helping run the cartel for him with Javi. Marty is overwhelmed and wants to move on. He wants to get out. However, over the course of the last two seasons, Wendy has become the kingpin in the family. Marty is the one pleading with Wendy to get out and make moves to end all of this. He is heartbroken at the loss and devastation they have brought to the land of the Ozarks. However, Wendy sees it as him turning his back on the family to side with Ruth Langmore. It’s a bad situation for the parents in the Byrde house.

End Game For Ruth Langmore

Ruth remains a wild card. She could go a multitude of ways in the final seven episodes. With Wyatt’s murder, she has nothing left to lose. She is heartbroken and done with it all. Even if that means going after the cartel by herself. She is a woman on a mission. Like Marty alluded to, Ruth has been destroyed by the arrival of the Byrdes to her community. She has nothing and is perfectly fine shooting Javi out in public in broad daylight.

Agent Miller is also shown in the trailer. She is not the least bit concerned about Marty, as it was Marty who landed himself in the predicament that he now finds himself in. However, she made a bold move putting Omar Novarro in jail and folks are speculating about her safety down the stretch, too. Miller may not have any sympathy for Marty, but she is also in grave danger, like Marty based on her actions last season.

“Ozark” returns to Netflix on April 29.