‘Ozark’ Sells Set Pieces to Lake of the Ozarks Businesses

by Chase Thomas

There are only seven episodes remaining in the final season of the hit Netflix drama “Ozark”. The first seven episodes of the final season were released just over a week ago. Fans from all over binged those new episodes and broke streaming records in the process. The show will be over before you know it, folks, and that means a multitude of things.

However, with the show making it through four seasons, a number of Marty Byrde’s businesses have appeared on the program in the land of the Ozarks. One of those was the Blue Cat Lodge from early on in the show. Well, some local Ozark business owners purchased some set pieces from the fictional location for their own. The reason? Well, The Alhonna Resort was actually modeled for the Blue Cat Lodge.

Now the resort has a piece of memorabilia from the show with the set sign. The director on the show reached out to the business about purchasing the sign from the show, which is cool to see.

Wyatt Langmore on ‘Ozark’

One of the more complicated characters on the program was Wyatt Langmore. Wyatt was a smart kid, who his cousin Ruth believed in hugely. However, he could never escape the land of the Ozarks. He eventually saddled up with Darlene Snell, which was one of the oddest relationships on the program.

He told Esquire, “I’d say, me, Charlie, I’m young and don’t really know what that looks like and it wouldn’t really be my place. When we were filming, I just said that there was love there for whatever reason. I think they each fill a role that the other is missing. And I do think they create a real bond and rapport. They have a mutual respect. While Wyatt was vulnerable, I don’t think Darlene starting a relationship with him was something that she had foreseen or planned or anything—no matter how nefarious she may be after that.”

The relationship was odd, and Wyatt was vulnerable. Darlene did in fact fill a void for Wyatt and vice versa.

He concluded, “I don’t quite see Wyatt as a victim in that way. Are they in love? I think there’s some love there, absolutely. I’m still figuring out what that means. I think Wyatt felt taken care of by Ruth and his family, whether that’s positive or not. What Darlene offered Wyatt that Ruth didn’t was a sense of responsibility. She actually gave him purpose, responsibility, a real place, and a job that’s his own. After being looked out for by Ruth for so long, I think it felt good for him to take care of Zeke, a business, and separate from the family he was born in.”

He was in a safe spot with Darlene. He had to step up with Darlene and go out on his own. You can watch “Ozark” on Netflix.