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‘Ozark’ Showrunner Chris Mundy Details Relationship Between Marty and Wendy

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Handout/Getty Images for Netflix)

Following the premiere of Ozark’s fourth and final season, showrunner Chris Mundy shared details about the relationship between Jason Bateman’s Marty and Laura Linney’s Wendy. 

During his recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Ozark showrunner stated that he believes the two characters really do love each other. “That doesn’t necessarily mean they should be together or stay together, but I actually think there’s a deep love there. It’s not just history, it’s actually love.”

When asked if anyone should be rooting for the Ozark couple, Mundy admitted that the characters had done terrible things, and they have been terrible parents in many ways. “It’s an interesting thing on shows and moves where the heroes are flawed,” Mundy explained. “As these guys. Yet you still want them to succeed.”

The Ozark showrunner further explained that as he and his crew continued to plot the end of the series, they had the argument of whether or not anyone should cheer for the characters. “Some are like, ‘I’m not cheering for them at all.’ And some were like, ‘Of course, we’re rooting for them. These are our characters.’ It’s a healthy debate even among those of us making the show.”

‘Ozark’ Showrunner Chris Mundy Compares Sofia Hublitz’s Charlotte to Wendy 

While continuing his chat with The Hollywood Reporter, Ozark showrunner Chris Mundy discussed how Sofia Hublitz’s character Charlotte compares to Wendy (her mother in the series). “She had more of a life in Chicago that got ripped away from her. As they settled in and [the money laundering] really has become this family enterprise, for better or worse, we wanted to have her grow up and mature and mirror her mom’s behavior.”

Mundy does declare that the Ozark character is now mirroring Wendy in a big way.  Physically, emotionally, and intellectually. He then talks about Wendy turning Jonah into the police for money laundering. “Wendy wasn’t acting rationally. So we didn’t want to apply too much rationality to her. For her, she was thinking he wasn’t laundering for them. He was laundering for somebody else. So it wouldn’t topple their own organization.” 

Chris Mundy Reveals How Long He Has Known His Ultimate Ending For the Second Half of ‘Ozark’s’ Final Season 

When asked how long he has known his ultimate ending for the second of Ozark’s final season, Chris Mundy stated that he and his team had pieces they didn’t know until the last second. “But fundamental main thing we’ve known since sometime in season two – or at least I have. I knew the emotional landing point.”

However, the Ozark showrunner admitted he didn’t know all of the details that would get the cast and crew there. “We tried to layer in some stuff earlier in the earlier seasons [leading to it] But there are a few things [that] took us all by surprise. To be honest. As we broke the end.”